Screwed in Wong Town :P

May 17, 2004  |  My Life

Hmmm The title is Screwed in Wong Town hehe basically i was screwed today :r not literally but metaphorically speaking.. kalait khara ib what i had to do :r o check it out:

Last night nemt at 4am and woke up at 8am bl ghasob :r
Had classes at 9 till 3 .. I was ok..
Had to pick up siblings at 3:30 then take ’em home.. no brobrem :r
Then had to take siblings back to school to attend a concert that my other sister was in.. that started at 7
Finished at 8:30 had to then go to my granma howse and pick up maid.. :r who didn’t come till 10 :r but what was funny on trip to granma howse it took 30 mins when it shoulda taken 5 bekause of trafic :r den.. dere was dis trip home..
i reached my room at 10:30pm :r that’s when i had a chance to relax :r

So I guess yea I wasn’t that screwed after all.. oh yea did I mention i got 2 papers that i gotta turn in on wednesday hehe that i haven’t started either and i was meaning to start one today :r

yea it was a normal day today :r

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