Weekeeeeeeeeeeend :P Woooohooo

May 27, 2004  |  My Life

Oh well its the weekend.. and apparently it will be that way for me until Monday since that is my first final exam ehehehe I should be crying instead I am laughing because I am happy.. I guess :P Oh Well.. Some interesting stuff that I found today are :

Andy Kaufman Returns Blog :r Supposedly he faked his death and is back: http://andykaufmanreturns.blogspot.com
A Kuwait Diary of a Western Tourist… It’s interesting really.. I enjoyed it: http://kuwaitdiary.blogspot.com

And hmm on a lighter note.. "The Day After Tomorrow" Opened here in Kuwait.. THE FIRST EVER MOVIE TO OPEN WAAAAAAAAY BEFORE ANY OTHER PLACE I GUESS.. hehe Before the US.. The Movie is supposed to open on the 28th of May and it opened for us on the 26th of May :P Woooohoo.. I’ll Check it out I guess :P

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