According to KU Regulations..U r Screwed LOL!

June 6, 2004  |  My Life

Oh well, I finished exams today, feeels sorta semi-great lol hehe coz in 3 days I start the summer course LOL hehe .. so its not much of a relaxation or purification period… either way.. I was screwed in two of my subjects so far.. dunno if i will be screwed in a third.. hopefully not.. but god help us all :r at the moment my A/C is busted hehe and no cold air is coming out of it at all LOL! anyways.. I am thinking of a project in this summer.. let it fully develop and i will mention it here.. ;r

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  1. so like..wats the KU regulations gotta do wit ur examz, but no doubt they sure to sux (The regulations)..all the best for the summer…..;)