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July 16, 2004  |  Random
Ok let’s see the updates for the past few days I guess.. I had a midterm my last one for the summer course and then will come my finals in at least two weeks.. mom is leaving tomorrow.. dad already left the country.. i will be home alone with the rugrats and well my uncle will come and stay with us for a few days.. its weird you know.. www.blogger.com has undergone some beautiful makeovers I guess.. and I guess its much more nicer to work with and stuff.. either way I enjoy it… You know I am trying to make it a habit of writing in this blog whenever I get bored because seriously I get bored alot.. I’d love to write personal personal stuff but well that stuff is kept personally for me :r you know.. hehe no need to give others information to use against me you know hehe ;P ok so let’s see.. I have a final research paper to turn in on tuesday and I thought I would start working on it completely tomorrow and finish it .. it’s supposed to be like ummmm 7 pages maximum I guess.. without the works citied page.. so I guess I can pull it off probably… bull shitting all of that info in 7 pages might be possible you know :r I just hope I do well in it because seriously it is the thing that determines my final grade you know :r Anyways I guess I blabbed alot.. I tend to do that when its for something not related to school you know hehehehe we always write alot more and alot better when its gossiping or something to waste time but when it comes to school work well hehehe we tend to slack off ;p anyways its almost 2:15am in the morning and I guess I should get some sleep.. I love you eBLOGGER!!!

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