No Laughing :|

July 29, 2004  |  Random
I have been receiving alot of complaints from one certain person that my blog always starts off with me laughing :/ well I can’t help it that I am cheerful all the time.. aaaaaaahhh who are we kidding .. I am not always cheerful but I am fun to be around hehe and that is the most important thing you know.. Anyways updates on the blogger is that I added a chatterbox which I hope ALL OF YOU WILL POST IN! I seriously would love to read your opinions on what I am doing.. I mean I know I annoy you alot with the fact that I keep reminding you to visit my blog either in my MSN Nickname or by personally pasting the link to you.. But come on.. I am trying to take everything off of my mind.. anyways on another note.. I am craving country fried chicken from Chilis.. I might order that tomorrow.. Mmmm :r Yummy ;r Anyways I better wrap this one up and talk to everyone else later :p

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