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July 30, 2004  |  Friends, Links
Ok this post will have nothing to do with the title hehe yet I just felt the need to express those two words as the title.. anyways :r Let’s see.. weekend is over.. back to university blahhh.. sunday first final.. monday last final.. and then off to summer.. a much awaited and needed summer vacation.. I mean considering the fact that i had classes ever since February up until now .. that’s torture.. :/ Oh my god its the 30th ehehe I just realized that.. I start school again on the 18th of September.. so I guess that would be a short vacation but what the heck you know.. I just came back from Marina mall.. man its nasty there.. i mean too many human beings at one place.. too many guys wearing sleeveless shirts thinking that they are the shit.. u know.. with their buff muscles.. all i can think of them is that.. EWWWWW.. huge arms.. and tiny bods.. i guess something else is tiny as well.. and also according to my favorite uncle alot of “sluts in disguisePLENTY OF THOSE TO GO AROUND.. Ok so recently I was checking out some blogs.. and I will post some links to the ones that caught my attention.. just in case you are interested..

Although one caught my eye as being too NAAAAAASTY.. and that is a blog belonging to a girl :r who decided to use a PINK template.. screaming the words “I’m a girl” and her posts were typical “girlish” its like its so nasty.. she is everything the stereotype of a girl is.. you know.. from her posts you can see that she is the type of girl that is soo weak.. and wants a strong macho guy to boss her around.. well unfortunately WE ARE IN THE AGE WHERE WOMEN AND MEN ARE EQUALS! so stop faking this “i’m weak i need a guy to run me” act ok?! God :r

Anyways here goes the links of the most interesting and some controversial i guess blogs:

My Friends Blogs:
The Castle of Nuttimilius
Badou Incorporated
ZeeCu’s Blog

Other people that I don’t know anything about I guess:
Kuwait Unplugged

And the freakishly annoying blog of the “i’m so weak” pink girl yekh:
Pink Thinks (PinkSuedeShoe’s Blog)

I guess that’s all for this post.. I might post later on.. with more stuff.. but who knows :P Arreverderci :r

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  1. I guess i’m late for this, and my blog isn’t anywhere past 2 posts :p lol
    but i just wanted to say to you, jackie, my friend, that i just started a new blog, so tell me wat u think after u check it out… and since i won’t be able to see u on campus anymore cos exams r close, u can either post a comment (preferable lol 3shan eseer shakla chena 3indi wayed mu3jabeen), call, tell me when we’re on msn…
    *pants* THERE i commented, u happy?!?!?! :p
    just kidding :D

  2. N.B. to jackie – some might say u’re perpetuating another “girly stereotype”…..that of being catty. it would unfair to jump the gun and label some1 as being “weak” just cos she chooses to post about girly topics. being overtly “girly” does not equate with being weak. no hard feelings, jackie…i just wanted to throw in my two cents.

  3. Well.. regardless of that.. and since i am the blog moderator.. i will say.. I DONT GIVE A SHIT.. AND WHAT I SAY IS WHAT I BELIEVE.. :r You got 2 cents worth of comments well flush them down the toilet.. I call it as I see it..

  4. Jackie, I think your a sadist, and a dyke…come on girl…it’s okay to come out of the closet :)

  5. Well, I guess some people can’t take creative criticism :P Hahahaahah its amazing how people immediately start accusing others of being gay.. and so what if I am.. but i know for a fact that I am not :P