August 2, 2004  |  My Life

In less than two hours I will face my last final exam for this year .. well until September anyway.. Wish me luck.. At least I had 5 hours and ahalf of sleep yummy hehehe :P Anyways I better be OFF :P

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  1. I used to not study for my last of my finals as I did not feel like it, so you should not do much about it, just answer it and start your vacation.

    However, since you are doing something related to English Lit. (are are girls in kuwait doing that now!!!) I do not know if studying would help, as the answer is basically trying to “show” that you understand the question and give the best answer, which even if it is totally not related, as long as you do not have spelling mistakes, then you get a pass.

    Tip, always try to re-phrase the question in the answer

  2. Yea, who said I ever studied for my exams, well only the linguistic ones since they are more complicated.. and literature is always your opinions and views regarding a piece of literature.. and what do u mean about girls in kuwait majoring in eng lit?

  3. The last five ladies I talked to online are all english lit majors, so that must be a popular major nowadays

  4. I guess so, but who knows.. Oh well..