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August 6, 2004  |  Food, My Life
Ok I am seriously craving for some fast food.. after watching the idiots Paris and Nicole abusing the reputation of all women out there.. (And Yes Purgatory72 I read ur post but didn’t know how to comment on it..) hehehe I believe they are sluts and will always be.. especially Paris who gets on my nerves and so does Nicole I mean what part of NO don’t they understand.. they make a habit of breaking the rules.. Aarrgh anyways I dunno what to eat… Hardeez, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Little Ceasers, or KFC :r Any suggestions?
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  1. Hungry Bunny.

    Wow!I am mentioned inside a post!

  2. LOL Unfortunately No Hungry Bunny in Kuwait No MORE! hehehe And yes you are ;p and yes I just finished dinner yummilicious ;r ate BK!

  3. There isn’t? Guess I have been away long

  4. Yea you have, how long have u been living outside Kuwait?

  5. Total 14 years, but if we consider current period, since 2000.

  6. hehe well then you should’ve known coz they stopped it shortly before the year 2000

  7. Hmm did not know that, then again I becoming 32, so my memory is not that good.

  8. yea you must be hehehe coz once they brought in Burger King they took out all the Hungry Bunny’s in Kuwait :(

  9. I will find out next month what is different, if any.