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August 29, 2004  |  TV
So, the event of the year would be the MTV Video Music Awards, well not event of the year hehe but its a big event for this time period ehehehe… It will be on tomorrow night at 3AM, which means Monday August 30th 3:00AM morning hehehe there well be various performances and various awards to be awarded hehehe :P I can’t wait.. I have my tape ready and VCR ready and I’m going to sleep early tonite in order to stay up to 6 AM tomorrow because the VMA’s run 3 hours :P hehehe This year, I believe will be the year of my favorite artist at the moment "Usher" hehehe.. Because he is nominated for more than one category..

The VMA’s will be held in Florida’s party capital and my birth place MIAMIIIIIIII! YEA BABY!!! :P And I’m serious about it being my birth place :D Anyways the nominations will include: the Hip-hop megastar Jay Z has been nominated for six awards, the other leading oppositions are Outkast, No Doubt who both get five, with Beyonce up for four awards. Meanwhile UK Rockers The Darkness and Franz Ferdinand keep the European flag flying high with two nominations a piece. While Usher holds almost 4 or more nominations hehe Because I didn’t count them all :P

The show will feature performances from Usher, Kanye West, and Jessica Simpson, plus a collaboration between Hoobastank, Yellowcard and Jet.


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  1. Jessica Simpson, that air head!!!! name someone else :P

  2. lol believe me i hate her too ;r