You Feel Sleepy..I feel Sleepy..

August 31, 2004  |  My Life
I feel very sleepy.. I want to sleep.. I dunno what to do but walk like a zombie and go back to bed… It is only 2pm in the afternoon.. It is not fair that I have only slept for a few hours and I didn’t even saviour the taste of the beautiful sleep.. I need more sleep..

I swear my mind is so blank at the moment, I dunno what to write about, I can’t think of topics to write about and stuff.. School is starting in a few weeks.. I can’t wait because then I will have a reason to wake up and sleep right.. Classes this semester all begin at 9 for me :r which is a difference from my previous Spring Semester hehe in which 3 days of the week my classes started at 2pm in the afternoon and ended at 5pm hehehe :P It was fun.. Those were the joyous days of laid-backism :P

This semester I’m taking more English lit courses and one English Linguistic course.. So my schedule will include: 19th Century Novel, Modern Drama, Modern American Novel, Romantic & Victorian Poetry, Theory of Comparitive Literature, and finally the linguistic course of Generative Grammar.. I just hate linguistics..

When it comes to scheduling classes and year plans and shizzle hehe well I am the girl for it :P hehe one of my friends transferred into English Lit hehe and well ever since I have been planning her schedules.. hehe Whenever she wants to sign up for classes hehe she comes to me hehe and I go.. "Take this, and this, and this.. not this.. take this" hehehe.. According to her, Nuttimilius :P I am her private secretary (But Between you and me ehehe she doesn’t pay me anything ;p) And now all my friends who are with me hehe come to me for help with schedules..It’s my passion hehe I dunno why.. But I like to be organized with my plans and stuff but hate cleaning up my room..

Speaking of my room, I should clean it up and organize the mess there.. :r

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  1. the biggest mess in your room is you, go to bed :P

  2. LOL I’m not a mess.. hehe

  3. lmao! That’s so not true! Who the heck pays for all your haloum sandwiches? ;) Besides, being secretary is only a part time job so it has to pay less, your first and main job is being my mistress. daccord? [sp?]

  4. LOL Nuttimilius, yea right :P hehehe But either way hehe your money is lost on me hehehe :P eeheheh and being a secretary is much more fun :P then getting paid :P or laid lol :P

  5. OK, I bet 100 KD that you are a mess, you bet 200 KD that you are not a mess, If I win I get 300 KD, if you win you get 300 fils, ok?

  6. LOL No I do not take that bet :P