Life is good, but not that good..

September 7, 2004  |  Family, My Life
I just felt like saying that.. hehe It’s weird how summer is over already and everyone is back at school, well not completely everyone.. hehehe I pity those fools who thought that they could escape the summer’s heat by travelling abroad.. And these past few days were the hottest of this summer because basically there was a ton of humidity accompanying those hot days..

Daddy is coming back tomorrow night, and I will order my iPod I guess soon hehehe this weekend and in 2 weeks or less it would be in Kuwait.. hehe It’s fun you know looking forward to something..

Although I am not looking forward at all to the beginning of school in a week.. hehe but you wanna hear the funny thing? :P That we start school on the 18th of September and it’s a day off LOL! hehehe Crazy dimwits hehe thought that they could ruin our joy of summer :P hehehe although I had only a few weeks of vacation I think I can say that I am relaxed, if not 100% relaxed then I am at least 80% relaxed and I think that my schedule will be a bit light on me since I no longer have to stay till 5pm at school hehe :P or that is not every single day because on Sundays and Tuesdays I finish at 4:45pm :p hehe

I guess this is it for today’s post, there might be more tidbits here and there but who knows :P

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  1. I am amazed at the heat we are getting now, but you are right. All those people who escaped the summer and now getting it full blast, when we had it very “cool”.

  2. LOL Totally, hehehe because seriously I have been here all summer long and well I complained about the heat earlier on but then I found out that nothing compares to the last few days because seriously I would hate the fact of leaving the car and standing around outside it for more than a few seconds :P hehehe All I can say is hehehe its payback time :P

  3. Ask him for chinese chopsticks

  4. who is him? :r and why should i ask for chopsticks?