Head Weighs 3,000 Tons

September 23, 2004  |  My Life
My head weighs three thousand four hundred twenty three tons lol :P Don’t as why this number I just felt like writing it out.. hehehe

Flashbacks yekh ;r I had a flashback all the way back to Highschool Senior year, Arabic Class, when we were learning the number writting shit thingy ;r how to write numbers in arabic ;r you know actual spelling them out ;r I mean why are they such idiots and that we have to find three thousand ways to write only one number yekh.. :r

Yesterday I had a very hectic day but I think I blogged about it I guess.. I am having weird dreams which are pissing me off :r and therefore not sleeping that well *yawn* I dream about people I have never met before which is weird.. I dream about changing clothes for bed which is equally weird LOL

I hate school, I hate being a driver, and I am hungry as well..

This headache is killing me, I miss my music *me starts Yahoo Launchcast Radio* I got a puppy from Hamley’s in London He’s very cute :r and I’ll take a picture of him and post it :P He’s my inspiration.

Lately a friend has told me that he doesn’t like the way I write in my blog because I am actually writing stuff as if I am talking and not as if I am writing.. and yesterday I found out that an American writer also used this technique, which is called the oral tradition technique, this writer is Sherwood Anderson and the novel which this technique is shown in is “Winesburg, Ohio” coool huh? :P Right Nuts?

*Everybody GO DUMB GO DUMB GO DUMB!* New Song by Federation called “Go Dumb”

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  1. You think your head weighs three thousand four hundred twenty three tons, try waking up from a sleepless night with bruised and fatigued body all over and road rashes from my bike fall, and discover you have a throat infection and can?€™t swallow anything.. What a long weekend ?€? damn.. That last week wasn?€™t my week..

  2. You got me there :P hehehe I guess.. but still hehehe headaches are terribly ugly and being sick on weekends as well ;r