Second Time Around

October 7, 2004  |  Uncategorized

Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god!!!!!! Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker’s new sitcom “Second Time Around” is so hotttttt :P hehehe the fact that he is in it makes me want to jump on him the second I see him.. I mean it’s so fucking hot hehehe :P it’s nice funny hehehe in a way you know hehehe and so HOT HOT HOT :P hehehe makes you wish for a partner right there next to you sitting and watching it.. I suggest that you all get on Bit Torrent and download the torrents for it and go crazy watching them :P they’re a nice 22min each episode :P hehehe

A synopsis from TVTome that I stumbled upon states this:

Second Time Around stars real-life couple Boris Kodjoe (Soul Food) and Nicole Parker (Soul Food) as Jackson Muse, a handsome, earnest architect, and Ryan Muse, a beautiful, free-spirited artist, who are enjoying a more romantic, fun-filled second marriage to each other. Several adventurous years after their young first marriage ended, the lovers unexpectedly reunited and couldn’t resist giving it another heartfelt go. Now, even with old stuff, new stuff and the stuff in between, the Muses are striving for wedded bliss a second time around. Determined to bring a newfound maturity to matrimony, Jackson and Ryan frequently find themselves in funny, awkward situations when old lovers, old arguments and old division of property issues surface. Even after another smooth, successful engagement and wedding, all of the couple’s family and friends continue to dispense varied opinions and marriage advice. Jackson’s younger brother Nigel (Brian White, “The Shield”), a dentist whose practice scarcely covers his lavish lifestyle, and his snobbish fianc?€?? Paula (Danielle Nicolet, “3rd Rock from the Sun”) are convinced that the twice-baked pair need to join their couples’ therapy group. Ryan’s gorgeous, spirited best friend Coco (Melissa De Sousa, “Miss Congeniality”), certain that “leftovers shouldn’t be reheated,” believes the marriage is a mistake. With a sense of humor and romance, Jackson and Ryan Muse are ready to clip around the thorny past and surrounding skeptics if it finally means a rosy future together.

I repeat.. IT’S HOT HOT HOT HOT! :P

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  1. Looks kinda’ cool. Been dying to download something, ANYTHING. So, thanks for the tip :)

  2. D&G it’s great really hehe I highly suggest it hehe it’s so cute because off screen and on screen they are a real live couple who are just so darn cute together :P

  3. Just Jackie, where do you go to download all of this ?? Don?€™t tell me Kazaa ?? Because it sucks hunky dory..

  4. Donny boy hehe I never never never use Kazaa anymore.. I have quit Kazaa for like a year now or more because basically it sucks big time babboon ass :r because they are using it to distribute screwed up singles to discourage you from downloading..

    So what I use is either Bit Torrent.. (download Torrent Storm from and access torrents from

    Or downloading through mIrc just go to ( and type in the search whatever you want.. basically you find mostly full albums, movies, games, some cool singles.. anything your heart desires.. :P

    And if all else fails I use Ares Lite ;D