The sleep in my eyes

October 18, 2004  |  Uncategorized
Go away sleep go away! or wait stay sleep stay.. I don’t want to wake up.. I don’t want to face another day.. Oh wait no I do want to wake up so go away…

A nice argument going on in my mind but I know in the end I will be forced to wake up I mean its another new day of SCHOOL (YUCK!) My eyes are tearing up from the lack of sleep I can’t help it anymore.. I am not supposed to be writing much I don’t know what I wanted to write about anyway.. but I can say one thing and one thing only


*me is extra happy but sleepy in the same time*

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  1. Kalalalalalalaloooosh! :P

    Mabrook Mabroook! Now you can REALLY look like the pixy that GiGi made for you! Garat 3aynich! :P

  2. I was there yesterday.. my bike parts arrived and just got them.. ;)

  3. Hmm wouldn’t it be strange if your ipod turned out to be a part in the Don’s bike?

  4. D&G Thanks thanks hehehe Yaaaay I’m so happy hehehe and I will finally look like the pic Gigi made me :P Yaaay

    TheDon hehehehe My friend picked it up for me and the other package they delivered it here :P

    Purgatory72 hehe no its just my IPOD! YAAY!

  5. Thank you Thank you :D