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I just took this IQ Test that was mentioned in “Stories from Kuwait” Blog and I would like to share my IQ Results :P Since I am shocked :P

Thank you for taking the IQ Test at

We are confirming that your IQ Test score was: 125

Compare your score:

IQ Score Cognitive Designation Possessors

Below 75 Learning difficulty
75-85 Below Average
85-114 Average Middle School Graduates
115- 124 Above Average High School Graduates
125-134 Gifted University Graduates
135-144 Highly Gifted Professionals
145-154 Genius Professors/Researchers
155-164 Genius Nobel Prize Winners
165-179 High Genius
180-200 Extraordinary Genius

And that’s the table to compare it with hehe :P So if you wanna take the test then go ahead and visit IQTest.Com and it will take you 13 minutes to answer 38 Questions :P

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  1. Scored 141, anyone higher ?

    (ya qithee)

  2. 158! I swear (and this is Ramadan)!

    But i dont think this test is accurate at all! You have a 50% chance if you dont know the answer. Im good with standardized tests anyway, I know people 10 times smarter than me but always mess up on those kinds of tests.

    Judging by my score, I highly recommend that you ppl invest in me from now, before I become world famous and win a noble prize ;P

  3. Jackie,

    one point less and you would have been an above average high school graduates, nice ha?

    I will do this later today and see how much I get.

  4. Well I did it, then it asked me to submit an e-mail. Ma kan lee khlg, so I decided not to.

    I have no desire in finding out my IQ.

  5. 140

    Damnit I want to be a Professor :(

    Q, Lies :) (what do you put in your hareesa?)

    A reason I don’t believe in these tests is because I feel that human “intellegence” is multi-dimensional. Mental hospitals are filled with people who could probably score very high on this.


  6. I got a 129 which I found to be consistent with a previous 125 that I got from another IQ test a couple of years ago, but again i have to agree with some of the posters here, this is not a true test of intelligence, but rather a logical pattern of questions which might or not address a number of human intelligence aspects.

    For instance, I know of some friends who got a very low score on the GMAT (Admission test to the US Schools’ MBAs) although they were top students and proven professionals, 1 + 1 really do not add up here.


  7. shady….i do not lie!

    How dare thou challenge my superior intellect!

    Hareesa preperation:
    1- raise phone
    2- dial mama
    3- ask how to make hareesa
    4- after deciding its not simple, ask mama to send hareesa
    5- bon appetite ;)