Meaning of Water

October 30, 2004  |  Uncategorized
I had the weirdest dream last night, I don’t remember it quite well except the fact that I woke up wanting to know what the meaning of water is in a dream or being thirsty.

I dreamt that I was very thirsty that I started drinking water and as I was drinking before I swallowed anything I realized that it’s Fasting time, so I spit out all the water.. But then I was so thirsty that every bit I would come near water but remember the fast.

I woke up thinking about that but then went back to sleep. So now for those Dream Interpreters, what is the meaning of water or thirst in a dream? :r It might be an important symbol for something. :/

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  1. Maybe it just your mind showing you that you’re having a hard time remembering to not drink water during the day ‘cuz you’re fasting :P

  2. yeah yeah it’s totally 3adi, It’s just ramadhan.
    The first few days of ramadhan I kept on getting these weird dreams of me eating spagehti and remembering it’s fasting time … I almost woke up.

    3adi 3adi totally 3adi

  3. I dreamt two nights ago about my little boy being submerged and drowning and last night again about water, i was a spy going around by water. Can someone help?