November 28, 2004  |  Uncategorized
Today can be considered as the worst day for bad news.. hehe It’s like I’ve had bad news one after the other.. well sort of hehe but oh well :r

I got back my Comp Lit Essay, Comp Lit Quiz, and my American Novel Midterm.. All of which varied from worst to okay.. what screwed me up was that I got a 12.5/20 on my Midterm.. Sweet ha? :P and the same day I had the Comp Lit Quiz which I did mediocre on it.. with a 25/30 :r So I was kinda in a bad mood in the morning..

I slept last night at 5am and woke up at barely 7:30 lol hehe but that’s another story.. I am writing amateurly in this blog based on an article that I have read but oh well hehe what can I do.. I like this way of communicating.. It’s my blog and I can cry if I want to :P But I don’t want to :P

Apparently I heard that Alexander the movie is so hot hehe and so like weird :P hehe at least they don’t distort some of the facts.. I heard that there is a scene where Val Kilmer is kissing a young boy :P hehe so can we say hmm homosexuality, and pedophilia :P hehe so I guess I’m going to actually really watch it hehe but not in Kuwait’s cinema :P

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  1. My thoughts are with you dear.. ^%$# happens and we all get one of those days.. but rest assure that usually bad days don’t get repeated right after the others.. U’ll always find that tomorrow is some how better than today..

    Gosh, I hate blahs !!

  2. Donny boy how I miss thee’s comments on me bloggy :P

    Yea I know shit always happens.. by the way feel free to use whatever curse word here because I chose to not let my life or freedom of speech become censored like most of the things in Kuwait :P ehehehe well I censor myself only around parents hehe and not that much ehehe a few words tend to slip by :P

    Actually I cracked up at the D on my midterm hehehe :P It was like really WOW! :r Oh well hehehe live and learn is all I can say :P