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Here fishy fishy fishy, don’t be afraid, I won’t kellll yew :P hehe kill you that is :P But I was borrowing the pronunciation that my little cousin uses :P hehe

Anyways, dad recently purchased a couple of goldfishy’s for my little baby sister and I have been staring at them all day long and yesterday as well.. Well in between my long naps in order to recharge my energy.

God, it pains me to have an idea that I want to talk about but by the time I come to write it, it disappears completely. I mean it is still at the tip of my tongue, was there seconds ago but now it’s gone truly gone.

So okay yeah.. ummm.. think Jackie think think!

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah! now I remember part of what I wanted to do :P heheeh Post Will and Grace One Liners! :P

So here goes :P

Season 7 One Liners and such :

Episode 1:
Lopez: I got you a job as a dancer for Janet Jackson.
Jack: JANET JACKSON?! That’s way better than dancing with… I mean that’s okay!

Episode 3:
Grace: Don’t get so worked up, Karen. Just take it one day at a time.
Karen: What did you say?
Grace: I said take it one day at a time.
Karen: One hoo at a ha?
Grace: You know, easy does it. Let go and let God.
Karen: Where did you hear that? Who taught you that hate speech?

Grace: I’m just in a really good mood. I found a therapy group that I really like.
Will: Oh, great. Where?
Grace: Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s fantastic, and, you know, not just for alcoholics anymore.
Will: Uh, yes, it is.
Grace: No. No, no, no. You don’t know, Will. No, the program’s for anyone with a problem.
Will: No, it’s not.

Episode 4:
Will: What’s wrong with you?
Grace: What’s wrong with me? You’re the one that’s being all nice to a stranger, fool!
Will: What’s wrong with being nice to him? he’s our neighbor.
Grace: Follow the logic Will. First we’re nice to him, suddenly we’re picking up his newspaper, then we’re watering his plants. Before you know it, there’s a fire in the building and we’re the ones who have to make sure he “got out okay.” I’d rather find out on the evening news, thank you.
Will: I’m not saying that I, I, I wouldn’t trample over him on the way out… but while he’s alive would it kill us to be nice to him?

Episode 5:
Will: I would like to say something. This is the worst birthday I ever had. I had to throw myself a party, I didn’t get the key I wanted and now, instead of toasting me, you toast my fat, dead client. Whoopty freakin’ doo!

Episode 6:
Grace: It’s good to be back. Adler & Walker, Walker & Adler.
Karen: Honey, don’t say your name next to mine. Makes mine sound Jewie.
Grace: Well yours makes mine sound drunk.
Karen: Wow. …Right in the nuts.

Episode 7:
Will: Oh, look listen, I’m glad you’re here um, I’m having a dinner tomorrow night, and it’s really important that it goes well…
Jack: Say no more… we won’t show up.
Will: Thank you.

Karen: (Picks up phone) Hello, Jack McFarland’s orifice.
Jack: Well I can see I’m not going to get any work done today. (Takes phone from Karen) My orifice is closed.

Grace: Everything is going to be okay.
Will: No it’s not. You know the old saying! “If the hag hates ya, the fag won’t date-cha!”

Episode 10:
Jack: Hello Ro. He-ro! I’m Jack, Will’s friend. Not like Will and your brother are “friends.” Okay. And one day they’ll eventually be “roommates.” And then the proud parents of a chineese girl.
Ro: I know my brother’s gay. I’ve known it since high school when he beat up some guy for say Lee Majors looked dopey.

Episode 11:
Grace: (Looking at Sal) I am so into him.
Karen: Yeah, well I’m double into him.
Grace: Well I’m gonna ask him out.
Karen: I’m going to ask him to move in.
Grace: He gave me a hickey. (Points to her breast)
Karen: (Points to her belly) He gave me a child! I am pregnant Grace!
Grace: No you’re not. You can’t get pregnant from kissing.
Karen: Oh thank God!
Sal: (On his cellphone) Hey I just bagged two old ladies. (Watching them look at him) I may need to borrow your dad’s toolshed later.

I guess that’s it for me today :P I hope my dear friend Donny boy will enjoy these few liners, from this seasons Will & Grace. Although you haven’t seen this season yet you’ll still crack up :P

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  1. thanks Jackie.. I love them.. :)

  2. Of course I know that you would like them :P