January 5, 2005  |  My Life, Random
This is the third time I have posted about an exam period coming, meaning third Final Exam period approaching.. The first of course you will find it in my May, June archives.. My second would be in late July, early August.. and now this is the January Final exam period..

What is it about exams that makes you just lazy bored and not feeling like doing anything.. I dunno I just feel too lazy..

If you thought that my sleeping patterns sucked well then check out my new patterns now, I am officially a Vampire, and am loving it.. well not really because I am not actually getting any rest :/

If any of you haven’t noticed it yet, but I went back to one of my past templates, sorry Purg its not the black one that you love so much ehehe I might go back to that later on though hehehe I’m thinking of modifications for that :P Might be able to shift it into three columns if I figure it out :P

I’m hungry, I gained weight which I think I have to work out because umm if I don’t then it sticks in one place, and the whole goal of mine was to gain weight to look a little filled :P and not like a toothpick hehe :P

What would be an ideal story or topic for me to write to gain back my previous fans :( whom I have lost lately because all I can see is that I get very small visits :(

0 Exams done with, and 6 Exams to go!


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  1. That’s why I don’t have any sort of site-counter on QQQ. I don’t wanna start getting all concerned about how many people are or aren’t stopping by.

    Oh and don’t worry about comments either. The truth is that with the increased number of blogs, people have less time to comment everywhere.

    But if you still wanna get a lot of traffic, write about something scandalous ;)

    That always works!

    Gigi, practically

  2. Oh how I missed your comments gigi :P hehehe I guess that’s the only way to grab people’s attention.. eheheh through sex :P I mean scandals :P

  3. Jackie, I’ll always be here anyway..
    and try combine the sex and scandals