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January 14, 2005  |  Uncategorized
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I can’t get nooooooooooooooooo satisfactiooooooooon! Yummy.. I just had a nice hearty lunch that really really made my day since it filled me up to the point where I want nothing more except a bed to just drop dead there.. But unfortunately I will not be able to do that since I have two finals tomorrow (Woooohoooo!) and I need to make a little summary of the four novels we read in one class hehe whereas my friend is doing the summary about the essays we took.. the second exam I will study for after my exam tomorrow ;P

I’m trying to fix up my sleeping pattern, since yesterday I went to bed at 10PM!!!!! Which is like wow for a vampire like me :/ Especially since in the last few days I would go to bed at around 5AM or later and so this was a bit of a change.. What happened was that I would wake up every hour and turn to the other side of the bed, and curse at how uncomfortable this sleep is and then go back to sleep.. I had a few disturbing dreams but oh well.. :r

Now that all that talk is over, let’s talk about the title of this post.. oh wait yea :P I’m procrastinating again! Woooohoooo! Anyways the title of this post.. is “Tom & Jerry” why did I choose this? Well because I was watching an episode just awhile ago and I was shocked really, I had this conversation with another friend.. It seems that cartoons aren’t as innocent as you might think they would be, I mean deep down inside they are teaching kids the wrong morals and stuff.. the episode I was watching.. is when Jerry sleep walks and everytime he does he tries to kill Tom in the process, so he tries not to sleep but can’t help it.. I mean this is funny but really not kids material what if they do that.. and say “Bu–bu–butttt I wasssss only copying Jerry”.. No wonder we have alot of psychos in society..

So you tell me, do you think that the cartoons are really teaching bad lessons to kids or not? and what’s your favorite cartoon :P

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  1. My favorite cartoon is Yogi bear and bobo

  2. kakiro the guy with the blue horse or donkey,
    i liked this cartoon alot!

  3. “Satisfaction” is The Rolling Stones’
    Your I-Pod must be messing with your head :)

  4. To answer your question about cartoons and kids, i don’t think cartoons have a huge effect, but they do affect children in many ways.

    They mostly build ideas on deception, and making it seem “fun” to just beat eachother up, but hey we’re humans i’m sure kids know to a degree that hurting eachother is bad :)

    Favorite cartoon is kind of hard, there are so many! But i’d go for the anime kenshin the wondering samurai. Jongar was a good old cartoon too heh.

  5. Purg hehehe I thought that might be your favorite ehehehe with all that P4 going on..

    Uzf I know him tooo.. I love him alot :r

    Shurouq well I was listening to Angelina Jolie sing it in her movie and I got addicted :P

    Valiant Contender Welcome to my blog :P hehehe and yea Cartoons do have a tendancy of doing that

  6. Jackie, how did you know? ;)

  7. Jackie
    Lately, I fell in love with Spirited Away, I think I got the name right
    Any way, away from the subject, I need your skill in blog designing, would you pls chk my blog, thatx dear

  8. Ok, my frist time here, and i’m a bit nervous…Erm, is this mic on?! First of all, i absolutley enjoy reading ur blog!! the layout is awesome!!

    About cartoons, well I think nowadays cartoons do give off a sense of violence, not all of’em tho! I mean, there are some Disney cartoons from the 1940’s and 50’s that are peaceful (to some extent!) My fav. cartoon?! Hmm..that’s a toughie! If you mean cartoon episodes, then I guess it would be ‘The PowerPuff Girls’, Now, if that’s not violent, i dunno what is!!! My fav. cartoon film is ‘The Little Mermaid’ hehehe…