BABA Nomination & Vacationing

January 17, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Before anything, I would like to point it out that I am nominated in a few fields for the Best Arab Blog Awards (BABA) and if you find my blog worth it :P Vote for me :D

Best Kuwaiti Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Blog Design
Best Everyday Life Blog
Best Arab Blog (English)

So, if I am really really deserving any of these awards, I know Blog Design would be kind of nice since I really really change my design every once in a while, but oh well :P hehehe

So yea anyways, I finished exams finally and I’m on Spring Vacation or whatever the name of this vacation is.. I’m out of school for umm well up until Feb 12 :P Which is cool.. I can finally catch up on the sleep that I have missed, fix a bit my sleeping pattern.

It feels weird not writing anything on my blog for the past few days and so I want to spend extra time thinking up nice posts or writing about things.. I guess now is the time for me to be extra creative, If I have this in me I guess.. hehe

Right now I seem to be out of creativity fuel, so I guess I will leave you with a nice picture :P and wish you a Happy Early Eid :D

Warning though, If you are underage, do not proceed.. I repeat DO NOT LOOK DOWN! :P

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  1. hmm, nice butt cheeks ;)

  2. Purgatory72 hehe This is dedicated to you by the way :P hehe Since I know how you loved my previous cat and dog pictures :P hehe Back when I first started..

  3. what would happen to the kitten if the butt decides to get a bit too comfy?

    :( kesar kha6ree

  4. I voted 2 for you, 2 for the Don, and 2 for Zaydoun, is this fair enough. Crossing fingers???

  5. Dear jackie,

    Thankyou for sharing this picture. I can see how the cat likes to keep warm by stuffing his cute face in that crevice your readers are calling buttcheeks.

    I would like to say though…that clearly the cat is dead. It likely died secondary to Carbon Monoxide inhalation. A clearless Odorless gas that has claimed many a life. My friend told me once about someone who died in a similar way.

    Although it is cold this winter…I would advise you all against stuffing your face inside someone else’s crevice. Although its warmth is inviting…don’t be fooled. It can kill you.

  6. Jackie
    I love the picture- so typical of cats to find the warmest places.
    Wishing you and all other nominees, the best of luck in the BABA – you certainly put alot of effort in your blog and its design.

  7. W. Hehehe check out Misguided’s comment about what happened to the Kitty that is funny :P

    Purgatory72 and you doubted me?! Shame on you Shame!!

    Rabab Thanks alot dearie hehehe :P Let’s hope I win :P

    Misguided Dont worry about me you won’t find me copying that cat :P Oh my god hehe “Copycat” hehehe that just came to mind.. Oh well moving on :P

    Jewaira Thanks alot dear, and welcome to my blog :P hehe :)