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January 18, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Routine sucks, life sucks, well not really life doesn’t suck its just that some people do! (I.E. Professors or actually they aren’t quite professors yet :/ Some Dr.’s in the University) Aaaaaaaaaaargh Screw those who place 50% of the mark on a Final which they deliberately screw us up with.. I mean come on.. Seriously why play us like this.. All semester long its nice a smooth and bam! the final is like fucked up?! What the hell?!

It’s sad really.. I am so pissed off at the remainder of my grades, see I am happy with 4 of them… but the last 2 suck.. I guess that does it, I’m remaining on the four classes I registered for next semester hopefully I will kick ass in them and do extra well and lift up the drop that I just dropped.. which is by the way .03 of my cumulative GPA :/ As a friend once said “shit happens, and you can’t control grades” so yeah..

On a much lighter note, I love how it always rains when umm it’s Eid.. Notice how everytime the day before Eid it rains.. and so it was a nice thing waking up on some rain.

I feel really sad now, realizing that my best friend is leaving in a few hours, it’s not really a nice feeling, and the really weird thing about it is that I can’t spend the last few hours or so with my best friend since he has other friends that he has to say bye to and I will get my chance later on :/ and I understand that and get it but still I can’t help feeling like this.. I say that I am really childish but oh well :/

I feel also that I am missing some sort of glitz in my writing or something, it’s just something is wrong my blog isn’t me anymore.. It’s not as cheery and carefree as before.. I guess I need to get more posts in.. and the reason I stopped posting alot was because I wanted people to read the posts that were up by now.. meaning that if I post many they wouldn’t know which one to follow.. I guess now I can shove that out the window.. And since I have left it showing the posts for 3 days I guess you can catch up easily..

This is for me now, I’m going to do some individual writing for myself basically and probably if I feel like it, I’ll post another.

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  1. Your posts are beautiful sweetie, it’s just that you post a lot and we can’t keep up with you. I think you should give some rightful time for each post, people want to share. I see some nice posts that I have missed before and by the time I read a post, there are three or four others posted (fweeeeeeh?€? scratching my head).

  2. Rabab I guess I started posting lately less than before.. Because if you went through my Archives to the month of August I guess or July you would see that I would post 2-4 times a day.. Whereas now I’m restraining myself to one post a day :P