Can’t Stop Myself

January 18, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Now that I am completely free, I just can’t stop myself from posting, so Purgatory72 I guess this is going to be your nightmare, yet you know what.. hehehe Coming from the guy who posted 4 times already today in the past 4 hours I guess I won’t compare to that.. hehe Anyways..

I WANT A MAC! I want to try using a Mac rather than a normal PC :r who knows I might love it, So I guess my current project would be to save up for a mini MaC or MaC mini! whatever it’s called.. since it’s basic and just the right thing that I would want. Umm Either that.. or I Need someone to get me a gift :P Hmmm maybe I should persuade dad :/

Ummm.. I am feeling down, a friend of mine is leaving this Wednesday for 10 days and I kind of am really really close to this friend that we actually talk EVERYDAY and spending 10 days without any call or connection will be torture, but there is always messaging hopefully.. :/ I’m going to miss you!

Right now I’m stuck on wanting a mini Mac :/ What more can I say.. oh yea keep voting for me please :)

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  1. once you go mac, ya don’t go back ;-)

  2. “And the Mac shall inherit the Earth”

    10 reasons to go Mac…How about I give you 2

    1. No spyware, No adware, No virus nothing…just pure bliss.

    2.All that important software like itunes, imovie, iphoto, idvd all free. Oh and free applications like Mail and Address book and Calender and screen grabber sooo much more.

    I am proud of you Jackie…Good for you!!!

  3. Now I want a Mac!! *sigh* I hate being broke!! :s

    J, Thanx for posting that nice comment on my blog :>

  4. Jackie, yeah yeah nightmare :) record for me isn’t it?

  5. I know how it feels to part from your best friend (sigh), you just feel lost in a way. and mabrook 7abeebti for finishing the term with good grades, all for the best inshallah

  6. Excellent choice…

    Mabrook moqaddaman…;p and hey ull get to use iChat and its soooo much fun!!!

  7. Wow I never saw so many different comments from different people :P It’s been a while hehe and you guys made my day today.. Since 2 of my grades weren’t that well :~(

    Muslim Artist hehehehe Yea I thought so, but I will maintain a distance and still use my PC IF I do get a mac :r

    Misguided those were the only reasons I would ever consider a Mac and who knows I’ll try to persuade father dear since he is in Germany if the Mac mini is out there to get it for me ;P

    *~$&!~* Hehehe who isn’t broke? :/ The Problem is you immediately go broke after you get your salary for the month which is weird because you should save it up :/ But once money lands in your hands they fly!

    Purgatory72 hehehe Yea it is a record for you :P But it’s nice :P You kinky thing :P

    Rabab Thanks dear for the wishes hehe and I know the worst feeling once you get used to talking to a person daily and all

    W. Hehehehe Thanks bs let’s hope I do get the Mac and experience what everyone is experiencing now :P