Day One

January 19, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Day One:

I am missing you like crazy even after closing the phone from you 2 hours before your flight, but what can I say.. I try to go back to sleep since it’s too early to wake up but I can’t knowing that in a few hours I wouldn’t hear your voice again for 10 days. I guess I’ll be counting the days till you come back even the hours before you arrive. I try to look on the bright side of things but nothing seems to be that bright. I just hope you have a very safe trip there and a very safe trip back home…..

Listening to: Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U (My new favorite Album is Destiny’s Childs – Fulfilled)

Mood: Incomplete

It’s vacation time, I have nothing to do at all except free up space on my HDD since I have used more than 110 GB storing Music and Videos so I guess it’s time to get a new Ethernet Cable to connect my Orange PC and transfer my collection there for my sister’s to access as well as myself. Also, I have alot of new movies that I gotta watch, actually stuff I downloaded and didn’t get a chance to see at all..

I heard something today from my sister’s friend, it was about the bomb that was placed yesterday in Souk Sharg and it really pissed me off.. I mean okay I understand that some people go overboard with their beliefs and all that shit, but what the FUCK!? why the hell would you wanna destroy an entire country for your fucked up beliefs?!?!? A message to all the Terrorists who are reading this blog if you actually know how to read is:


I swear, I would like to gather them all up and put them in a pit, cover them up with gasoline and just light them up and watch them burn away to the pits of hell. And believe me they belong there because as much as they claim that this is Islam and shit.. It’s not believe me! I know I’m not that religious and all, but I know that Islam is a religion of peace and not something that forces others to convert. Oh well, let’s move on..

Yea, Happy Eid tomorrow, and I really hope you guys have a safe-trip celebrating and all, because now that there was a bomb placed in Sharg, what about Marina Mall, and the other malls.. It’s not safe to go out anymore :/ Fuck them for ruining the safety of our country :~(

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