January 19, 2005  |  Uncategorized
I need help!

I am addicted.. and I can’t stop..

I am addicted to using smileys and dots in my posts and I seriously need help to remove this addiction :/

I am starting to put up smileys without even realizing it until I almost email a professor with a smiley :/ which would literally suck :r

Help me!

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  1. 1) Get a screw driver
    2) Place tip of screw driver between : key and ‘ key
    3) Push down to remove : key
    4) No More eyes for you

  2. hmm, I never saw you use those faces, all you say is hehe and cool :P

  3. Nothing wrong with that, it’s your unique personality; always cheerful :)

  4. lol this is funny
    smilies themselves are okay, but when sent to a professor this should be wacky!
    they’ll think either u have a crush on them or m6ay7a el miyana lol!

  5. Nibaq :/ No I will miss my “:” key then :/ argh there I go again

    Purgatory72 yea that’s another thing I need to start controlling :/

    Rabab hehehehe Thanks alot I guess they are cheerful sometimes

    UzF Yea I know.. that’s why re-read my emails a thousand times before pressing send!