Day Nine

January 27, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Day Nine

So Tomorrow is my last day for waiting well technically yea.. But I will still be waiting all Saturday morning, afternoon and part of the night.. God it’s hot in this room, or I must be coming down with something because I am not really feeling well.. The closer the day arrives the more I miss you, it’s really been 2 days now with no call whatsoever and I just need to hear your voice for reassurance that you are okay and all.. The only reason I would want to talk to you on your trip is to make sure you are okay.. well okay that’s not only it.. I also want to talk to you because I miss you.. So I guess I should catch up on all the sleep now because when you come back I won’t be sleeping much hehe.. I love you boo!

No seriously, it’s really hot right now.. I’m feeling really tired my head is like so heavy and I am sitting here writing this post, what am I thinking.. I dunno probably not.. I guess all I should update in this blog is that I did not find the perfect jeans :( I want the perfect pair but oh well.. but I did find two beautiful black skirts one of them makes me look so cute and professional businesswoman type when I wear it with a nice button-ed down shirt :P I definetely like that style. Anyways I’m too tired to continue better get some rest before I collapse in front of this screen…

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