Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, and to show you my love this graphic and one Day change is for all of you out there..

So, Aloha all, It’s been quite a day today.. Had University and ironically all of my professors attended which was pretty weird.. Tomorrow I’ve kind of got an early class at 8 :/ Yuck, hate waking up that early but oh well might as well live with it hehehe..

On the otherhand, tomorrow after all might be a promising nice day in the end but who knows hehe I am hoping it would be.. I guess I shouldn’t babble around saying nothing since my mind is practically blank, but I would like to thank all of you out there who enjoyed my Handwritten heart-felt message See that’s how much I love you all!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Love you too babe, have a wonderful Valentine :*

  2. Thank you thank you Rabab :P You too ;*wa

  3. Would you be my Blog Valentine JaCkie ?? if not, I would still wish you a happy valentines day

  4. The Don of course I would be your Blog Valentine :P hehehehe Let’s go out to a Blog Lunch in Cyberspace :P

  5. (L)HaPpY VaLenTine’s Day sweet jackie:**(F) enjoy your valentine ;)


  6. Dear Jackie,

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

    On this occasion..i would like to share with you a few words of wisdom

    “If there’s music, we can use it
    Be free to dance
    We don’t have the time for psychological romance
    No romance, no romance
    No romance for me, Mama”

    Korn: Word up

  7. Sending you a bouquet of cyber flowers on Valentine’s Day- And how would RubberDuckie fit in with Pooh & the gang? :)

  8. Happy Valentines Day sweetie…I wish you a lot of love in this day…cheers ;)

  9. Happy valentine to you too! what a hot template! :]

  10. Goldeneyah-Q8, Thanks alot and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too :P

    Misguided, my dear Misguided Fan :P hehehehe Grazie for the lovely words hehehe and I hope you had a cool Valentine’s Day

    Jewaira, You are sooo sweet hon, thanks for the flowers hehehe and Rubber duckie hmmm there has to be a pic of him up soon :P

    Jelly Belly, Likewise babes, I hope you had a great valentine’s celebration :P

    Uzf, hehehe the hot template is lasting only a day :P Though it might come back soon since It’s really cool :P