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February 15, 2005  |  Uncategorized
I just love the colors of this template, I dunno why really but they seem nice so I’ve decided to keep these colors up for another day hehe since somewhere around the world it’s February 14th still.. Hehehe..

Wow, I mean like seriously wow, it was a nice day overall today.. Except my first class this morning at 8 AM was a nightmare hehe I hated how the professor (if you can call her that, since she’s supposed to be an English Professor yet doesn’t speak a word of good English!) so yea I hated how she looked like, I hated the questions she asked ( I mean they’re like REALLY DUMB!) I hated how she got pissed off because me and my friend hated “Seasons of Migration to the North” and loved another novel written by Yasmin Zahran “A Beggar at Damascus Gate”.. she claims that “Seasons of Migration to the North” is a masterpiece.. and implied that Zahran’s novel is trailer trash :/ Oh well.. I believe that whenever I enter her room I go down 3 IQ levels :/ I mean I am embarrassed to speak in front of her for the fear that she might feel inferior to the non-broken english that I speak.. I know I know I’m beginning to sound conceited.. But seriously.. She’s been a professor for like a while now almost 20 years since she looks ancient.. She makes the mummies look young.. and yet doesn’t speak a word of good english.. a quote of what she once said is “What he say?” Now you judge.. I swear throughout the enter 30 minutes that we remained there I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing especially when she pronounced “decade” as “dickade” I mean seriously.. I thought she was saying “dictate” for some strange reason hehe then I figured it out.. But enough on her..

The next professor was understandable yet he couldn’t say the “s” for example, “Syllabus” became “Shyllabush” but I’m kind of indifferent towards him.. Let’s see what the semester will bring out of him..

Rub Duckie has been missing out on some of the action lately and hence I decided there is a need to post a new picture of my beloved baby.. I truly honestly adore the daylights out of him :P He’s an angel in my eyes.. Of course I’m his mommy :P

So Rub Baby, this is a picture of you before you complete your 1st year :P I love you honey ;*

P.S. This is actually Baby Jesus, my Baby Cousin :P

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  1. my god the cheecks on that kid is unbelievable.. I need a bite..

  2. Jackie,
    I love the colors of this template too, and suggest you keep it till the end of February..

    and a belated Happy V-day to you

  3. mashallah cute, but why is he giving me the finger!

  4. WA7LEEEEEEEEEEELA, SHALEM GALBA WALLA (mocking your professor) LOL
    No honestly; I don?€™t know on what credentials these teachers are hired, I can expect that from any other teacher but an English professor in a University? That is really degrading. Nevertheless, you had your giggles girl so it wasn?€™t that bad after all. LOL

  5. waaaaaayy!!! shaaalem gaaaaaalbaaaaaa! now i know why you refuse to bring him to college, the girls are going to tear him to peices wanting a peice of cheek! wahahaha
    wait, now that i’ve read The Don’s comment, EVEN THE GUYS! :D