Fast Cash

February 17, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Need to make fast cash, anyone got any ideas?

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  1. Yeah I do, but its not good for you :P

  2. Jackie,
    I forgot, put a sign that says
    ??????????? ?????? ???? ??????


  3. 1) Sell Banak, always profitable
    2) You’re good at Web Design- offer ur services
    3) Have a stall at Friday market and sell your used unwanted items :)

  4. 1) Sell a Kidney

    2) Kissing booth will make you a millionaire in Kuwait ?€“ (1 KD for every kiss)

    3) I can loan you, but I am a loan shark, so you have to return it with 60% interest.. in one month..

  5. Purg Interesting response hehe I kinda thought you would mention that :P

    Esetch Hehehe car washing :P Let me wash my car first to wash other cars, although I love car washes :/

    Jewaira Hehehe I was just passing the Al Hadi Roundabout.. and I saw the Banak guys selling Vimto as well ;r which was weird ehehehe and true it’s really profitable ;r and about the Web Design i’m just too kind hehehe I can’t help charging friends hehehe..

    The Don Hmmmm Kidney nah I want both.. Kissing both nah I don’t like the majority of guys out there.. and Loan ham nah :r 60% is kinda too much :P