Emotional Stress

March 12, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Due to emotional stress I would like to restrain myself from writing a post today because I truly believe that there will be more tears streaming down my face today..

Sorry for those of you who idolize me hehe *yeah right, dream on Jackie* but I seem to be highly emotional today for some strange reason.. Maybe it’s all the stress from University and home.. Although university isn’t that stressful for me..

I just feel disrespected by my own siblings, and under appreciated, and you know too much to do and you’re just too damn tired.. It’s been like ages since I have heard a “thank you” from any one of them for doing their shitty work..

I mean to give you a glimpse of what I had to deal with today.. Here goes my schedule:

  • Woke up at 6 (Feeling crap since I’m not a morning person)
  • Went to class at 8 until 8:50 (Barely survived the mispronounced words such as “girlfriend becoming gilfriend” and “sour becoming sor”
  • Went back to the cafeteria to sit around with friends and all
  • Had to go out to drive a friend to Shuwaikh since she doesn’t know the way to get books from the Student Bookshop
  • Went back to university and cafeteria to sit with friends (yet I was still tired)
  • Same friend wanted to go to the Co-op to get Americana sandwiches but I also wanted candy so my other friend offered to drive us since I was too tired..
  • Went back to university cafeteria to sit a bit longer with friends
  • Left again but this time to go and see my Grandma and eat lunch there and watch some TV
  • Sat a bit with cousin Tooni (my beautiful british boy heheh :P half of half british hehe but he speaks with a british accent) and ate lunch with him and grandma
  • Left to pick up ungrateful sisters from school
  • Faced some backlash from one sister that started me pissing off
  • Was tired extremely but had to drop one of them at the gym
  • Finally reached home!
  • Went straight to bed, screw everything and slept until 7:50ish
  • Woke up faced more backlash from the ungrateful sister
  • Started crying and complaining to parents
  • Here I am!
So, basically that’s all in a nutshell with the exclusion of some details. And now, I’m finding some solitude with my beautiful PC, and umm I think I might be getting a PowerBook from father dear. Who knows though, we will be visiting Mac & More soon.

Sorry, I guess I actually complained… :/

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  1. ya 7maaaraaaa!!! ana sahrana til 11:00, why didn’t you call meee?!?!?!?!
    ana eshfaydetee friend, huh?
    next time, call me and spill your heart out, ok? no matter what time…
    :* emwa7 emwa7
    better now? :p

  2. Hehehe I might be getting a kitten yaaay! Daddy said yes! Yes Yes! Wooohoooo! Now all I need is to actually see the kittens (grey persians that are available)

  3. What are you moaning about ? You’re a student, you don’t have to worry about your mortgage, insurance, heat, power, gas bills, council tax, income tax. You’re not bringing up kids on a budget, you’re not stuck in a low pay job because you’re not educated enough to do better.

    You describe the sort of perfectly normal day that everyone else has, and you call it stressful, get a better perspective and get your head out of your arse.

  4. next time let her stand in the heat for an hour waiting for you.If she complains, make it ,always be mean 2 her :)

  5. Yorkshire Soul, NO COMMENT! :D

    Purg, hehe I will next time :P