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Hehehehehe, I finally feel like my energetic self again well not really energetic or that energetic! But I will tell you a short adventurous story.. and yes I am sitting next to Swair in the lame Computer Lab where the majority are bearded oops I mean vieled hehehe (God knows whats underneath those veils) hehehe and the rest are just covered umm hehehe.. and Swair just sent me an SMS before I came here that and I quote “There is a chick sitting right next to me looking at pictures of camels humping!” and I was like “You want me to come over? :P” and she’s like ummm.. “If you want to sure..” and I call and tell her “Errrrrrr.. Wrong answer… you should say “Yes Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, Purty Pleaseee!” hehehe This conversation has been embelished a tiny tiny bit :P For ummm attention grabbing reasons.. hehehe .. Now that she is busy with something else let’s see hmm what I wanted to talk about was… ummm..
Yea.. as I was walking to the College of Education Computer Lab (Since Arts College doesn’t believe in Computers for some strange reason lol I dunno why!) and so I was walking from Arts to Education and umm my path gets crossed over with alot of penguins (sorry Purgy dear hehe it’s not the lovely types of Penguins..) Anyways and alot of wierdo beardo’s hehehe plenty of them wearing dresses (ops I mean dishdashas that are very short, they look like they belong to umm my 3 year old cousin).. hehe And me being the rebellious fun-loving adventurous Sagittarian chick, I decided to do something extra rebellious.. hehehe Since I was already wearing “Sinful Clothes” and being not head-covered as well.. hehe I unbuttoned one more button off my shirt hehe Okay granted that there was umm a cute sleeveless underneath to stop any cleavage from appearing but the whole point is to be extra dangerous hehe but too bad.. No stares my way.. they were all walking with their heads down (Awwwww..) hehehehe..
Another tiny thing I experienced this morning.. was that when I was looking for a parking space in our lovely beautiful parking lot, there was this umm hot guy hehehe in shorts :P bending over his car trunk hehehe I dunno organizing stuff or something hehhehe but I took a look at him and he was yummy hehehe Ops sorry.. This is not supposed to come out that way.. I mean he is a good looking young man whom I have no interest in whatsoever..
Swair just yelled at me for writing too much so I guess I better say Ciaozer :P

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  1. You have no idea how glad I am for having you back at last.. we missed you Jako.. :*

  2. hehehehehehe….*will comment after she finshes laughing*

  3. Naughty, naughty girl ;)

  4. Yeah I know which time it is, makes sense ;)

  5. wahahaha! i love the fact that you mentioned me lol
    i love youuuuu (i’m only saying this because you’re sitting next to me right this second… pls don’t hit me :p)

  6. and another thing…
    “I mean he is a good looking young man whom I have no interest in whatsoever..”
    THAT DOESN’T WORK WITH US!!!! only write horny things, y’hear??!!?!
    God, sometimes you just turn uninteresting just to be gentle and polite… DON’T!
    get the vrazy chick out, y’hear!!!!

    ok, 6ala3t kil illi ibchabdi :p

  7. aham shay ina you’re “vrazy” wahaha
    i should stop commenting so fast without proofreading…
    anyway, i meant crazy :D

  8. The Don, Yes Yes I know you love me woohooo! The whole world loves me Woohoooo!

    Preternatural_Al, Enjoy laughter it keeps the doctor away, but I guess if the doctor is cute.. He can come out to play :P Ehem..

    Ayya, I’m not naughtyyy I’m rebellious :P

    Purgatory72, no it’s mental sleep deprivation syndrome :r

    Swair, That’s what you get for commenting without reading at first, then reading and commenting without proof-reading bowahahahahaha! Comment Flooder!