March 16, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Although it’s not actually Tuesday since it’s 2 hours past Tuesday but I should post up something about my day or anything.. Maybe a little complaining and whining or something like that..

I seem to not be myself anymore these past few days.. Why? I don’t know because if I read any of my previous posts they will show a different me, you know not the usual cheery self one :/ So I need to re-discover myself and I don’t know in which way that would occur..

Ever since I began blogging I kept on wanting to transfer my files onto a different PC and to use the extra storage there hehe well I guess this weekend I will be working on it (for real) I will probably sell that extra PC but grab the extra storage that I bought when I had that PC.. So I will have 240GB on my current PC and since the 120GB that I already have is almost full hehehe that will be heaven.. and maybe things will start running smoothly again..

Okay, so if the kitten is out of the window, then umm Powerbook (maybe) Here I comeeeee!!

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  2. Hold your horses…wait a couple more weeks. Apple is coming out with OS X Tiger in april. This is the next MAJOR upgrade to the already great OS X. It features full featured spotlight search engine…that can find even words hidden in your documents. Say you search duck. Then every document, image, music, (anything with the word duck…not just the filename..but also within the file)…is indexed for you. It also has upgrades to iLife..now in HD. I think they are planning to upgrade some of thier computers at the same time….so buy at end of april…u get it all then.

    Your Fan,

    The Truth

    Take a stroll at apple.com….and check out OS X

  3. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting.. God knows when April will arrive :(