I Heart Daddy

March 19, 2005  |  Uncategorized
I seriously honestly love my DADDY! My Dearest Daddyyyyyyyyyy! There is no better father in this entire world!!! Trust me, no father spoils his child like mine does :P Well there might be, but my father spoils me beyond recognition.. So yes I truly love him!

You’re probably wondering why I love father dear this much and what brought up this post right? right? right? right? Hehehe Well I’ll tell you why!

It’s simple, I spent the entire day only with him ehehehe cruising.. We went a thousand places.. Let’s see:

First off, he woke me up at noonish more like 1pm but I call that noon, and he’s like check out what lunch is here and if you don’t like it I’ll grab you something on our way out.. hehe Of course, I made believe that I didn’t like anything and told him let’s go eat out.. hehe So he takes me first to Souq Sharq.. Where I ordered a Great Steak Combo from The Great Steak & Potato Company.. (My favorite fast food joint if it’s considered that..) .. Then we headed downstairs to get him a Cappacino from Starbucks and off we went to his office in the Kuwait National Museum..

I was supposed to go there with him to fix up his new computer by installing stuff for him, helping him transfer files and stuff from his old PC onto the new one and all that.. and so we spend a few hours there, me sitting on father’s desk and eating my meal with the cheese fries (mmmm, yummy!) and the steak sandwich (GOD! I’m growing hungrier by the second) and sipping my Coke! and after that was done, and the computers were done.. He gave me a second tour of the museum administrative offices.. hehehe I’ve already seen the temporary offices without furniture now I got to see them with new furniture.. and then he showed me the new design for the museum that’s going to open in the year 2008 hopefully.. So I enjoyed my time there..

Then we headed to Galleria 2000 to check out Apple Centre, but they were closed today .. and what’s weird is that their shop doesn’t have the opening and closing times on the door or any sort of contact way.. but that didn’t stop me from checking out the Powerbook and iBook.. so we headed to Eureka.. where I was shocked breathless at the prices that they are selling the OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD MODELS! I mean please the 1.33Ghz Powerbook 12inch is being sold at 900 KD! and they’re trying to polish it up and so they place a 25% discount from the actual price which mean it’s around 675KD! Still it’s like 200 kd more than it’s actual price in the States! and for the LATER MODEL! So yeah, we just checked them out.. and then headed out to Marina Hotel…

Daddy had to pick up a package and we were there for a short while.. and we then went to pick up my sister from her friend’s house ( A non-needed detail in this entire expedition).. What I wanted to say that would show how much father dear spoils me is that he is going to get me a powerbook from Germany when he leaves this April, yet he’s going to be gone for 22 days.. But he’s going to be purchasing an iMac G5 and a Powerbook 12inch with the SuperDrive… hehehe one for my sister and one for moi! :> Hence I am so happy!

What I wanted to ask though, is this for the Mac users out there.. Does umm Word or any of the Microsoft stuff come with it? Does MSN Messenger work well with it? And like what’s the overall experience and difference from a PC? I was just wondering :D

All in all, I love you Daddy!

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  1. They have a decent philly cheese steak here, but you have to go to the US style ones that just put layer upon layer of goodness. Oh and the Salmiya one next to McDonalds and Johnny Rockets is a dine in system. You actually order from a waiter and they bring it in a plate.

    And Apples in Kuwait are such a rip off, I called them to check on prices and I also was on store.apple.com with all the options and the Apple Protection Plan it was cheaper by a lot and the guy was telling me “what about shipping cost?” Like 20kd will be a big deal. Then he starts telling me about warranty. I have the APP that gives me 3 years global warranty on laptops. So be sure to order it online and send it via aramex when you get one. It will be A LOT cheaper but be sure to get the APP. Is is $300 more but is worth it if anything goes wrong with it.

    Word doesn’t come with Apple, you have to buy the Office package sepearte like you do with Windows. OSX does come with a regular text editor that read word files.

    There is an MSN for OSX but I dont use it. I preffer http://www.adiumx.com its cleaner and better. I dont think I ever used Microsofts own MSN client in ages for PC or Mac.

    I remeber when my friend got her first Mac and she described it this way:
    “With windows if it breaks down it gets all bitchy when you try to fix it and just hates you. When a Mac breaks down it tells your its sorry, send you flowers, makes you coffee as it fixes itself.”

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  3. you’re so spoiled…

    i thought that that was a good enough comment, but then i said: LA! (not really) and that i have to say what’s in my heart so here goes:


    and no, i’m not jealous :D

  4. can i borrow your dad? :p hehehe, i mean, so he could buy me some stuff, i promise i’ll return him!! LOL!

    Well, mabrook mo2adaman 3ala the Powerbook! woohoo!! :D

    And SwAiR, of course you’re not jealous ;p

  5. OOOO!!

    I lurve the new title!! And the colours are superb!

    You amaze me..

    *bows down to her JaCkiness*

  6. Nibaq hehe Kuwait in electronics is a rip off I mean let them get a life first of all then charge those unbelievable prices.. and cute description hehe I hope I experience that nice treatment :P

    Swair, What I want to be spoiled.. I love being spoiled.. that’s the perks of life..

    Symbol Woman, no you can’t and no one can take my father from me :P He’s mine mine mine mine mine I tell yah! hehe and Thanks about the title.. I just got bored with the Cafe thing hehe :P Change is good :P