March 20, 2005  |  Uncategorized
I’m dead tired, going to bed and not even thinking about anything else. I have been exhausted by work done for the stupid university which was under appreciated by the spelling of my name as Joe! :r instead of it’s natural spelling.. And the bickerings of ungrateful nobody’s.. Anyways I just wanted to post one thing to at least show that I am alive.. and thanks for all the congratulation wishes, see Nibaq, Rampurple, The Truth, and Purg :P I’m going for the laptop and not the kitten :( But Giselle will always be in my heart.. and Daddy will always be loved..


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  1. Ouff, i hate days like that, bas u’re strong enought to pass it, you just go to bed and u’ll be as good as new!!

    I’m sure your JaCkiness could get thru it!!

    Ta ta babe :*

  2. Symbol Woman, these kinds of days suck ass dont’ they? :/

    Swair, me more tired.. me sick to begin with ;/