Mac Rocks

March 20, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Based on the ummm thing .. well a friend (Misguided) pointed me towards the Macworld Expo thing that’s on Apple’s website and I just fell deeply and madly in love with Mac OS Tiger and iLife and iWork and the gang.. So I can’t wait until the release of the new OS so that I grab a Powerbook with the OS on it..

That’s all for today..

Damn you Apple, for dragging me into your paws with your iPod :/ That was the first step to my downfall and even when I was 100% against it I bought it and am in love with it!

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  1. before I used to watch the keynote speeches live on the apple website. then they stopped doing it live only after the show. i dont know why since its a lot more fun watch steve jobs introduce the new stuff live.

  2. kel yoom you love something, shfeech ya bent :P

  3. “Damn you Apple

    Take care, when you get ur Powebook, it might read what you wrote and decide to rebel :p hehehe

    Purg, she’s a happy person that appreciates good things!!! Mafeehash 7aga! hehehe

  4. I am happy for you…you’ll see how an easy-going no crash pc feels great. After a while you’ll be going…How was i working with that old pc of mine.


  5. Mark, Bear in mind I used to be an anti-Mac person and pro-PC 100% of the way hehe and now this sudden switch hehehe is causing me temporary insanity…

    Purgatory72, No not everyday :P eheheh I just enjoyed the stuff introduced in that keynote :P

    Symbol Woman, hehehe no my powerbook which will have a cool name as well :P Hmmm probably Duckie :P Won’t get mad at things I say..

    The Truth, I hope I’ll get a chance to experience it :/ Many a files got lost because of this lame crash thing :/ Which brings me to the point that I have to clean up my PC! :/