An Entire Day Away!

March 29, 2005  |  Uncategorized

I never thought that a day like this would come, in which I don’t sign into my blog for an entire day, don’t post or do anything really.  I seem to be losing my touch but then again Purg has quit coming by because the template hurts his eyes since its too yellow and its depressing as well.  So I have come to a conclusion.  I need to make a switch from blogger onto a different platform.. hehe There goes my brand new purchased template :/

I have decided that in 2 weeks time probably I will make the switch from Blogger onto WordPress.. I will work on it more.  Actually I can make the switch now in seconds but I need to explore things and all.  There seems to be a way for me to transfer my posts along with the comments onto WordPress and it’s going to be cooler anyways because I have set one up and played with it a while ago :P  On a separate blog project and a separate domain.

So, yesterday.. Pretty busy and hectic day, why you ask?! Well simply because I forgot that I had a report due and a presentation until late the night before when I was already tucked in and couldn’t be bothered with getting out of bed.  So I decide to wake up a bit early and work on it, I set the alarm at 7:15, woke up and added 15 more mins to my sleep.. then 7:30 same thing.. 7:45 i finally got out of bed and by the time I went out to my car to get my books hehe since I don’t actually study anymore hehehe it was 8 and that’s when I began my 4 page report which turned out to be 6 pages in the end :P and I was done at 10:30ish hehe with the occasional break of scanning fotos and making transparancies and all.  I get dressed leave and barely make it to class..

I had a hectic day of classes after each other and all… but when it came to my presentation I wasn’t really that nervous but my friend was hehe and we were doing a presentation together .  Anyways up to the point where he actually called us up that’s when the nervousness broke in hehe and I started to have a mini-freak out situation.  But the dumbass didn’t even know my name! I mean he’s like after I finish this chapter we’re going to listen to the presentation presented by blah blah and her friend.. (I’m the friend).. we start our presentation and introduce ourselves and at the end of it he’s like “Thanks blah blah .. and what’s your name?!” I’m like umm Jackie!  So how rude!

Anyways reached home quite late, stayed up watching tv and such but was quite busy doing that.. and then I went to bed with a killer headache.  So that was about it.

Today however I skipped a lecture and attended the next to find out that there is conference thing that the dude wants us to attend but i went there for 5 mins and skipped the rest :D

And I went out to pick up some chinese, by the way I heard there is a chinese restaurant that actually packages the food in the original chinese boxes rather than those aluminum thingy’s.. This post is getting long so let me cut to the chase and say I ate, sat on the PC, went to bed, woke up, showered, ate some more, watched more TV, and here I am back on the PC after having messed with the MAC a bit.

So yea that’s all folks :P

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  1. :) nice how my name pops in your posts so frequently