Mommy Jackie is Sick

April 3, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Hiiiiiiiiiii all,

It’s me wittle wub the duckie wyting to you this cute post :P Hehehe no seriously, I’m writing to you on behalf of my ill mommy :~(

Mommy has finally allowed me to become a blog con-contr-ummm blog talker here on her blog and so I am so happyyyyyyyyyyy yiipeeeeeeeeeeee!

She is really sick in bed at the moment, and I am here writing this on her behalf, I love my mommy (just in case she reads this later on) .. Mommy felt bad for me since P4 my cousin has already wrote a few posts on his mommy and daddy’s blog and so she wanted to show that there is no difference between us both, and since Uncle Purgatory has ex-excl- ummm said that Mommy has gotten repe-repetit- daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn! that mommy is repeating what she writes about, she gave me the GO sign and told me I can contribute as well here.. Yaaaay!

So, ummm what do you wanna talk about? I’m all umm ducks don’t have ears so umm I’m all head?

I guess I should leave now to work on Mommy’s late home-work since she is so out of it after I drugged her (heheheheheh ^_^) so I’m like going, Quack!

Quack Quack! Pye!

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  1. I don’t know what to say but..but.. darn it I’m FIRST!

    Gigi, triumphantly

  2. MABROOOK! both gigi and duckie lol :p

    first post and first comment, it has never happened in history before :p

  3. duckie duckie you don’t have ears and I dont have a mouth, let’s look for someone who does not have an eye and start playing the 3 monkeys game :D

  4. Ill mommy, get well soon! :)

  5. Gigi, Hehehe being first is always important right? :P

    Swair, hehe Yes I passed on the torch to my kid :P

    Purg72, why you laughing now :P

    P4, Hehehe try to find someone to join your rascals gang :p

    MsBakerQ8, Mommy is all better and taking control now :P