After Ages of Procrastination

April 7, 2005  |  Uncategorized
After ages of procrastinating on what I wanted to do last summer, I have decided to Format my old PC and uninstall my old 120GB Harddisk and install it into my current PC as well as sell my old PC like dirt cheap hehe but at least it’s something. Now that Father Dearest is leaving tomorrow to go to Germany and get me my Powerbook by the end of this month I believe I will be in good hands and won’t need the 2 desktops and 1 laptop + 1 Powerbook :P So I will be down to 1 Desktop and 1 Tablet PC (Acer Laptop) and 1 Powerbook (Need I say MAC?) I have a beautiful post brewing in my mind at the moment and I will post it once I am done with my work :) I seriously need to finish this tonight and enjoy my last few hours with Pappi. So, See ya In a While!


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  1. I would rather bite you so you do not do it again :P