Feeling: Broke

April 14, 2005  |  Uncategorized

Yekh, I hate feeling broke, I mean seriously whenever you want to buy things you just become broke… Also, I haven’t gotten my salary which is at the moment almost 2 weeks late :/ in a way it’s cool because that means by the time it arrives it will be when the month is over but no! I don’t want that..

I want a PSP! I finally understand the powers of gaming :/ I want one now okay :/ I’m borrowing my friend’s PSP! (Thanks Zorath) and well I’m thinking of not returning it, but the downside he leant it to me without the charger, hence when the battery dies out lol I’m forced to give it back. I guess the phrase “I’ll return it June 2nd 2006” scared him off hehe… Hmm.. I should find a way of making some cash soon. And no, whoring isn’t an option hehehe :P

News that’s been up lately, well the class that I flunked the midterm in is going to be cancelled the entire next week because apparently the idiot is travelling and I’m going like WOOOHOO! ROCK ON! :P I will be facing only one class every Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and after 9am I’m done with my day which is extra cool.. Otherwise school is boring, I realize I have a paper due on Sunday and I haven’t started it, might look over the stuff tonight..

Watched, Oprah today where Will Smith, Eva Mendez, and Kevin James were the guests for the movie “Hitch” it was amazing.. I loved it so much.. Also watched David Letterman where Robin Williams my love was on (The actor not the lame singer) :/ He cracks me up the entire time hehe and he’s so funny :P Also watched “20/20” on Channel 4 where they were talking about Child Trafiking and it was cool.. I really love Channel 4 and Channel 2 since they rock more than the lame One TV who actually censors lame things.

More drawings will come your way soon, especially the new painting entitled “P4’s Harem” :P Sorry Purg.

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  1. lol… u HAD to mention, Purg, huh? :p
    it’s ok, bebe… *pats u on the head and reassures u*
    u’ll get lotsa money soon :p (it’s like something you’d read off a fortnue cookie hehehe)

  2. You’re not as broke as i am, i’ve got less than 5kd in my bank account, how pathetic is that?! Really pathetic if you ask me :p hehe

    My brother is getting a PSP soon that means i’m going to have one around and you won’t mu-hahaha! Ok, that was really evil, i apologise your JaCkiness *bows down*

  3. You do not listen do you! there you go again writing about the same stuff! change ya bent change!

    and stop messing with my son’s mind!