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April 17, 2005  |  Uncategorized
I like that song.. It’s weird but I like it..

Anyways car trouble has been solved, my uncle (other one) I happen to love my father’s side so very much because I was raised by them.. Hence I have more like 5 other Fathers and an Aunt who is more a friend/sister/mother than an Aunt.. :P Anyways he came home with me, we tried to charge the battery since it died.. Apparently after almost 3 years of really taking advantage of the car it didn’t feel like starting today.. We had to charge it from another car later on.. It took an entire hour or a bit less to try to do that.. once we got it started then it turned off by itself.. finally it started running and he went and changed the battery and now it’s home and safe and sound. But mommy dearest wants to get me a new ride :P Wooohoooo!

PSP has arrived in Kuwait, but at the moment my older uncle has it hehe (The one who told me if you want it let him get it and I’ll pay him) and he’s testing it out for me apparently umm he wants me to reconsider because he enjoys it LOL :P Imagine a father is playing the PSP rather than watching his daughter or sitting with his wife LOL but it’s fun.. I told him okay I’ll pick it up on Monday.. He’s like you try it out if you don’t like it then give it back to me.. Hehehe I was like alright hehe but of course we know the answer to that thing. I’m going to be getting a 256MB Sony Memory Stick Duo and trying to convert some movies to the MPeg4 Format and checking that area out since I couldn’t last time.. Good thing I’ve got a Memory Card reader which basically reads any Memory Card from CF Flash Cards to MMC’s and whatnots :P The games that I got with the PSP are: Need For Speed Underground, Fifa 2005 Soccer, Ridge Racer, and a game called Dynasty or something like that.. Apparently the Japanese model is here at Virgin and is being sold at 135KD without any games just the console with the adapter, pouch and memory card and I guess some other thing.. There are also 4 games here which are priced at 18KD each. Just a heads up. Mark the PSP RULES! Nibaq, Tsk tsk when are you going to grow up and give up that DS to your cat/dog or whatever I wouldn’t be caught dead playing with that!

On a last note, I’m procrastinating my essay which is due in around 10 hours :P I can be done with it in 2 hours or a bit more but I tend to procrastinate after each paragraph. I have the material but it’s difficult to sit continuously and face it. Oh yeah, apparently my grandma told my uncle to not give me the PSP because I need to focus on my studies.. YEAH! LIKE THAT’S GOING TO STOP ME FROM FLUNKING LOL :P I mean passing hehe nothing affects studying well except skipping classes :P

Can’t wait till Monday :P

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  1. you dont need a memory card reader, you just plug your psp to the computer via regular usb cable. the psp will show up as an external harddrive. also to make your life simpler, you can get ipsp software which will do the movie convertign, itunes syncing and more.

    Fifa 2005 or world soccer? cuz fifa isnt out yet.

    I need to get Ridge Racer

    NFS is like the most game i am playing now.

    if you can get a sitck larger then 256 it would be better, according to BusyNow he was able to convert a dvd movie but it took like 400MB. So 512 would be a good size.

    I think today I will write my review on the PSP since its been a week already..

  2. hehehe, Jackie, how old are u again? :p

  3. Jackie – I demand gadget count!

    You keep talking about that stuff (which is fine with me – mo mithil ba3ath naas :P ) but i am curious how many gadgety thingies do ou have???

  4. Mark, yea I guess so.. but I was wondering about how the cable won’t be included but after reading your blog I figured out what to do.

    Fifa 2005 is out, hehe and that’s the one I’m getting I’ll double check tomorrow. Ridge racer is apparently cool but I have to check it out and NFS as well.

    Read your PSP review, IT ROCKS MAN!

    Swair, I’m 21 and yes gaming is an experience that goes on to every age and sex :r

    Shosho, hehhehe they are just far too many.. I guess a gadget count will include a picture soon.

  5. How nice of you to add me to the list of blogs you enjoy. Thank you.