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Shosho, earlier on asked me to list the gadgets that I have, but I thought a picture would be a better way, unfortunately I have no camera near me and not all my gadgets surrounding me so I will just list the stuff I have so far :P I am a tech freak so I’m warning you…

The things I have and love:

  • My desktop computer that has been put together here, it’s not a brand name but it rocks: it’s a 3.06Ghz, 512MB DDR Ram, 240GB Harddisk and alota stuff inside as well :P
  • My tablet pc (aka laptop) Acer Travelmate C103 I guess but it has less speed more like 800Mhz, 256MB Ram, 30GB harddisk, but the good thing about it is that I can write on the screen, draw whatever with the special pen (it rocks)
  • My 4th Generation iPod 40GB model (Which they currently stopped making, makes me special :P)
  • My Nokia 7610
  • My umm old PC which is a shame which is being sold
  • My umm PSP! Which is going to be in my hands tomorrow
I guess that’s all I’ve got so far from gadgets, other stuff include cameras and shit, but they don’t actually belong to me, these are my own. But they are cool.

Midterm update: So it’s official I suck only at linguistics. My Commonwealth/Post Colonial Studies class I got a great mark on the Quiz 1 (a.k.a Midterm 1) and my Man & Environment class I did extra well there :P the only things left are my American Poetry class (I hope I do well) and my midterm which I am taking tomorrow about the Anglo European Literary Relations. I hope I do well on it, yet I am kind of sick.

I currently downloaded Rapiz PSP Video Convertor, and am converting some of the tv episodes I download to check them out on the PSP, although I think I have to head out tomorrow to get me a 256MB or 512 Mem Stick Duo to watch it :P I just can’t wait. It’s what I’ve always wanted! Yay!

Also the Essay went well yesterday night even though I procrastinated alot. We went out for Chinese food today and had fun.

P.S. I’m so exciiiiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

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  1. get a 1gb o fekay 3omrich

  2. there is 2 GB out there , but they aren’t cheap , unless you want to shop E-bay , i think i saw 1 GB go as low as 199 ( buy now ) , if you know how to use e-bay go for it

    i’m trying to get one for my sony CELE , another addition to the family of gadgets i have

  3. forza your clie using regular memorystick the PSP uses the duo which is more expensive.

    jackie get ipsp, it will make your life easier. you choose which video u want on your psp and it will convert it for u before it puts it on the psp.

  4. forza you can get a 1gb memorystick for your clie for $109

  5. hmm gadgets, radeena :)

  6. GEO, Well I just got the 512MB one, we don’t have the 1Gb here in Kuwait I guess..

    ForzaQ8, as I mentioned above I already got the 512 and its cool for now, let’s wait until the 2GB ones become cheaper and then i’ll head that area :P

    Mark, iPsp is run on Macs right? The problem is I got no Mac at the moment :/

    Purgatory72, whaaaat :P Gadgets are cool and they rock :P

  7. u are too weak to stay with my plan, I said variety, but you do one post different, then you go back to your old self :P listen to me :P