April 18, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Wooooohooooo, it rocks, it feels so nice within my hands.. It’s mine mine mine mine! My PSP! Hehe unfortunately however there seem to be 5 dead pixels on the screen :r but oh well hehe nothing is perfect.

I spent the entire day playing which is really contradicting me since I am not much of a gamer but there is always a first time when you fall in love with something. I have become addicted to Need For Speed Underground: Rivals and it seems cool. I have purchased as well a 512MB Sony Memory Stick Duo today for 28kd which is I think a bit too much for it but oh well anything for the dear PSP :P And I converted a few video files and placed them in there. It really rocks even the converted stuff looks hot in it :P But it does take some time for the conversion to happen since I use Rapiz. I’m going to try using iPSP soon and if I enjoy it then I’ll purchase it for the measly 20$ that it costs :P Again anything for my love.

Midterm went quite well today, I’m dizzy since I haven’t slept at all what with being addicted and all that. I know this post is becoming repetitive but heck its my blog and I (umm deja vu hit me here.. I think I’ve mentioned this before) So I guess I should say TOUGH :P Starting tomorrow if there aren’t anymore posts then the fault is because I have spent way too much time gaming :P hehehe

I need a break…

Thanks Mark, for inspiring me more to get my own PSP, actually have one awarded to me :P

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  1. Mark showed me his PSP and now I want one and want to have it mounted in my car. I am too chicken though to get one from the dead pixels. Once this issue is solved I’m so getting one.

  2. Its worth it really.. the dead pixels aren’t such a big issue since those who already have experienced a few dead pixels send their units in to get even worse pixels :r So I would highly recommend it :P hehehe and I also want to mount it in my car but I wont hehe :P


    Can i play too? Or is it off limits ;p

  4. Congrats…yella we are waiting for your Powerbook.

    Tiger is waiting to growl on a screen near you.

  5. yeah i was telling rami the dead pixels are nothing. you can barely even see them.

    come on rami get a psp so we can play multiplayer games!

  6. Mabrook 3al PSP, I heard about the dead pixels thing, are the makers trying to fix it and release a new version of the PSP?

  7. Dyxio the problem cant be solved. its common with all LCD displays..

  8. Symbol Chickita, hehe NO ITS OFF LIMITS :p I take very good care of my gadgets hence I feel bad if I get a tiny scratch on it :r

    Purgatory, Kaify kafiy kaify :P

    Misguided, powerbook might take a bit longer, probably mid may or something like that :P

    Mark, mine are light dead pixels, they’re only white and appear as if specs of dust :r but I still am happy with my PSP :P

    Dyxio, well as Mark said there is no solution for it.. it’s just a problem that happens ;r