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April 24, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Okay, since I promised everyone out there a fetish or interests list of my early blogging colleagues I believe it’s time to write about it right now :P

Let’s see to start off I should mention that this is my perception of what every blogger wrote in the early period of time when we were a smaller community:

  • Purgatory72 – of course has the penguin, kinky, dark reaper poem, time travel fetish of course :P I believe if a penguin was kinky, dark, goth, and came here through time travel he would surely go out with it :P if it was a female :P
  • Nibaq – Our trusty Blogger Godfather, has a fetish for “Hello Kitty” items, hence it’s quite frequent to check out the new mp3 player, or trailer which has a huge “Hello Kitty” sticker on it :P
  • Rampurple – Back then, the most frequent word repeated is “bibs” hehe
  • Swair – well her fetish is loving herself too much, hehehe not really but her art basically and those long or short nonsense posts
  • ZeeCu – it was mostly tech gadgets with him, the latest weird invention or the latest odd music track.
  • GrandmaFunk – well we all know her crazy wacky posts, and the fetish of being a Chelsea fan (or whatever team that loved blue very much)
  • Shosho – her variety posts, once about the Olympics, another about studying, mostly intellectual stuff, etc.
  • Mark – (although I didn’t read much of him, but it’s safe to say) his fetish is photography :P
  • Gigi – Cartoon drawings and long quizzes which no one even knew about ;P
  • Cici – Well we haven’t seen much of her posts it’s been mainly Gigi
  • Zorath – The Zorath Chronicle stories :P
  • Pink Thinks – Her dinner gathering stories since they were frequent and you learned alot about the different views and such :P
  • Maryam – SPACE! SERGIO I forgot his last name or more like how to spell it.. Need I say more?
  • Tata Botata – Of course, his shirts were the most fetish like topic
  • Zaydoun – Politics, News, and the Playlists
I guess those were the early bloggers in this community.. I can see that the word fetish can be misinterpreted, but it’s mainly what they’re focus and redundancy in their posts consisted about.

The later bloggers it’s too soon to talk about them :P But can you imagine, going from 15 main bloggers (not including some who have quit blogging altogether) to a community of more than 100 Bloggers?

So what’s my fetish? :P

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. Ducks. Rubber ducks. And, umm, kittens. Not to mention gadgets, however, I haven’t been a blogger on blogger for a long time at all. In fact, I’m a professional commentor. No blog.

  2. AH fetish, not sure if all the below are fetishes, but lets see

    1) Yeah main fetish is penguins, but that only came in a later period after my dark period.

    2) Nibaq and Hello kitty qualifies as a true fetish.

    3) Ram, bibs enough said :P

    4) Swair, her fetishes seems to be selfcentered and shallow, wonder what she will do to you when she sees you :)

    5) Zeecu, true

    6) GF, wierd stories, pink monster, accidents.

    7) Shosho, does not have a fetish, she is stable, as far as I know :)

    8) Mark, you mean gurriella photography and don’t forget junk food.

    9) GiGi, hmm, I do not think anyone can figure her :)

    10) Zorath, not sure never went there

    11) PSS, smart comments, and hmm a nice style in writing.

    12) Maryam, her blog 3ala ba3th is a fetish and his name is Sergi :P

    13) Tata, yeah mister bukkake :P

    14) Z, true

    You forgot mamafusla, with her fetish for the odd and strange, but she quit.

    The answer to your question, your fetishes are computers, complaining, school, woohoo, love my daddy, mentioning me in many posts (hey I even got number one, which is sweet and kind of you :))

    OK done, long comment.

  3. hehehe, good list for the first generation of bloggers, well I think your main fetishes are changing your template and moving your blog around, not to mention of course duckie, kittens, and gadgets.

  4. Although relatively new to the blogging community, I can already tell you have this thing for electronics. Inshala 3ogob sina i’ll be on this list? =P Btw, I didn’t know we had over 100 kuwaiti bloggers.

  5. Moe, eheehe of course you are correct :P

    Purg, ehehe what a detailed analysis, as for the Mama Fusla thing I haven’t read her blog mostly so I couldn’t mention that.. And as for my fetishes you already know that :P hehehehe you’re teh one who points them out to me :P

    shosho, Hehehe the first generation was smaller right? :P

    Dyxio, hehehe see it’s not hard to get me :P And yes we do have more than 100 bloggers :P I should count them up :P

  6. i sometimes wonder why i come here , searching for other bloggers fetish ! bad bloggers ! :P

    you girl bloggers are scary

  7. Shosho doesn?€™t have a fetish ?? who says so ?? She has the biggest fetish of all.. the sosian effect.. :P

    & Jacko.. although all might say gadgets, I would say your fetish is the word ?€?COOL?€??, but you laid off of it after I told you.. hahahaha

  8. Don – it’s a universal fetish.

  9. Yeah I am some sort of guide :P

  10. His name is Sergei Krikalev!! 7aram 3aleekom :P Jackie check out his latest photo wearing glasses, aah 3ajeeb. By the way, my blog mentioned in Russian blog ;) I muat start translating :P

  11. True, but not a blog related fetish, she needs help to get over that.

  12. meno eli need help? :/

  13. Forzaq8, hehe its not really scary,they are cute fetishes hehe not anything naughty or bad ;P

    Don, you know what now you’re reminding me of a character in the current novel I’m reading, why I don’t know..

    Maryam, hehehe :P I’m sorry I just didn’t research it that well..

    Purg, hehehe 3ady it’s up to shosho :P

    Maryam, it’s shosho who needs help :P


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