Its True.. The Penguins

April 24, 2005  |  Uncategorized

The penguins actually have to pass through the metal detectors in airports. I found a picture online showing it. I didn’t believe it until I saw it. Purg, check it out. It’s really true. It’s ashame they look so cute, how can they be classified as dangerous terrorist wannabes :r

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  1. It’s all Purg’s fault.

  2. Jackie, had you checked my blog with thameeer :P you would have noticed the same story. I posted on it yesterday! hence, I know it all

    Tata, the penguins are discussing what to do next.

  3. LOL Penguins may look cute and sweet but they really ARE potential terrorists lol :p

    Just ask Purg… they really are planning on world domination, right? :p eehehehe

  4. Tata, I blame canada :P

    Purg, hehehe I did, but you didn’t post up a picture hence the fact that I posted this pic up :P hehehe

    Swair, no they’re sexy

    I want a penguin, no wait they’re all slimey and all… Scratch that I want a kitten, no I want a penguin.. God I give up!

  5. because i posted a link that shows you a video and pictures :P

  6. hey! i just read your dream entry, i wish i had read it earlier, i have these dreams all the with colin farell, ashton kutcher, freddie prinze jr(2 years ago). I think it means one thing..
    its a subconsious thing and we dont even know it!
    Gee..might have to make a career change!
    :P hehe
    the penguins are adorable too! they are slimy? really? aww..but cant u buy a stuffed one from the teddy bear factory?

    take care and i’l pass by again!

  7. Purgatory, What can I say seriously I didn’t bother with the link :P just read :P

    Black Lace, wow it’s an honor to have you here reading my blog :D Welcome, and as for the penguin, hmmmm I believe I want the same penguin that Joey Tribbiani has :/