Lots of Things To Do..

May 5, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Thanks Thanks alot!

First of all, thanks for everyone who welcomed me into this new transition and I hope we will all enjoy this and I will for sure love to read and write more stuff :)

Second of all, I am writing this to point out the different things that you can do when you are here, since I added alot of new things and such.. And I guess we should start with the "left" side bar:

  • First there is the "About Me" section which is a very brief version of what’s up with the blog and me.
  • Then there is the "Calendar" of course which is like cool since you can see the dates that I posted and refer to them directly and also check out what date it is today, Interesting eh?
  • Unkymood is normal of course, but next its "Pages" which includes a few different pages I might decide to write. One thing to check out is the "About Me" page where you learn more about me (for new readers) and the Contact Me, which has a form to email me directly.
  • The Blog Camping, Blog Enjoying, Link Surfing, and Buttons are normal things you see everyday actually.

Next, we’ll move onto the "right" side bar:

  • Here is where the action lies basically, I start this bar with a "Simpson Quote" section where you see cute quotes everytime you refresh the site :D and They are insightful hehehe.. God Bless Homer!
  • Next the infamous "Hangout" where we usually are hanging out with our famous celebrity "MOE!" and others.
  • "Dates to Remember" is a nice spot to learn about my important dates as well as the entire country and such.
  • "Categories, Recent Posts, and Archives" are normal things but you can track my previous written stuff through there actually.
  • "Recent Comments" is really new here, where you can find out what’s being said without even going to the post directly, you click on the nickname of who said it and you are taken there directly hehe imagine that!
  • Finally, the "Me Recommends" section which is updated frequently and witnesses stuff that I recommend from books, to music, movies, and TV Shows!

That’s basically it for stuff on the front page but the most important thing is inside each post, you can now "subscribe" to comments so that after you write a comment stuff that are said afterwards are emailed to you so that you can visit back and now that you got your reply. Imagine that! Cool huh?

I am glad, to be here on WordPress and not experience the downtime with blogger, I love the clean neat template here, which will be my last forever template, only color changes are possible otherwise nothing else. Probably banner once in a while but this is my final destination! It’s Jackie and Duckie! Together in this ride.

Bon Blogging!

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  1. I still object!

  2. I’M A CELEBRITY! Hahaha! Happyyy Moeee

  3. I lurrrve it! It’s sooo neat! By the way, I never said anything but I was kinda sad
    when you removed the pic that’s currently in your about me umm thing. Y’know? The one
    you had up when I first met you. Also I’m loving the logo at the top, the new title
    and the new pic! Good job Jacqui ;)

  4. Purg, Don’t make me hurt P4 now.. hehe you know I can!

    Moe, of course whoever said otherwise? :P

    Drunk & Gorgeous, ummm remind me? :| I can’t remember was it the chick with the big eyes? :/ or my baby picture which is currently in my blogger profile thingy :P And thanks alot :P

  5. stay away from P4 you criminal!

  6. first of all congrats on the new look…I love it I love it I love it ;)
    I need a crash course…I still can’t figure out half of the stuff in my blog
    LOL ;)

  7. Purgatory, No I will kidnap and kill him!

    Jelly Belly, hehe thanks alot :P And well I can help with the crash course I guess :P

  8. How come Moe’s a celebrity?! Can’t i be a celebrity?! :( MY TIME WILL COME! ;p hehe..

  9. i object with Purg! (shesalfa? :/)

    am i a celebrity? :/