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May 13, 2005  |  Uncategorized
Did I mention that yesterday I was very sick and tired yesterday.. I don’t believe I did.. Well all day yesterday was spent in bed trying to recover from terrible pains and such.. I hated it.. Only good thing came out was that since I didn’t eat anything earlier in the day or since the night before up until 6pm I lost my "grapefruit" which is something Don can figure out only hehe :P Anyways later on I had some delicious "Chicken Scallopini" from Johnny Carinos.

Anyhoooooooooow, I mentioned on Wednesday that I was engrossed in a novel "Rebellious Desire" well, guess what.. later that night I finished it hehe since I couldn’t put it down.. Imagine that reading a 300+ page novel in one day :/ Did the same thing yesterday as well with another Julie Garwood novel "The Gift" and well I loved both.

So my reviews of the books, before I start reviewing "Rebellious Desire" I would like to say I want my BRAD!

Yes, Rebellious Desire, was an excellent romance, very touching, cute, funny at times and making you cry at other times.. It sometimes gets to you how the relationships are you know in these romances, always having a damsel in distress and all.. But Julie Garwood writes "Historical Romances" and this is one of them.. It had to deal with Caroline Richmond the daughter of the Earl of Braxton and Jered Benton the Duke of Bradford.. The love story dealing with them was that she is an independent spirit you know and he was the kind of man who didn’t want his wife to be doing anything and such, didn’t love admitting his feelings, he wanted her badly, and she wanted him to teach him how to love.. It was a battle between the two at times but there was another plot going on during this love story as always there were.. I can’t go into much detail and ruin the story so I suggest to those who are Julie Garwood lovers well go ahead and read this book it’s great and I loved every bit of it! God if only there were real men out there who treated their women in a similar way.. not the repressing part but the loving way!

Next, I started "The Gift" which appeared to be the third book in the series that "Castles" was a part of.. I remember writing a review about "Castles" and I said that I loved it.. well I love this even more since it brought me back something from that story, but as I was searching online I found out that there were two previous books before it.. I found out I bought the first book and I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but the second is still out there so I’m going to get it as soon as I can! Anyways back to this story, it’s a bit riveting at first makes you pissed off a little but then you start to enjoy it and laugh at alot of funny remarks and stuff.. The story starts with King George wanting to end a feud between the St. James clan and the Winchester clan by marrying Nathan St. James to Sara Winchester.. But the twist in the story is that Nathan is 14 years old, but he is considered as a "MAN" and Sara is only 4 YEARS OLD! Oh well but then the story picks up around 10 years later and starts to move on from there.. There was a gift from the King (hence the title) regarding the marriage, it was land and gold but there was a catch if they grew up and didn’t have an heir the land went to neither one.. but if she ran away from him, his family would get the gift.. if he left her then she and her family would get it.. So we get to see the story unravel from there.. I adored Nathan and Sara’s story :D

Anyways after reading those two novels and being sick and all I deserved a Bubble Bath one more time, so I grabbed my latest techie addition into the bathroom .. My new Logic3 i-Station Speakers and had me a nice relaxing bath to the tunes of Destiny’s Child :P hehehe What can I say.. I enjoy their new CD.

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  1. have you read Penny Vincenzi’s novels? really good. Check out No Angel, Something Dangerous, and Into Temptation, they are a trilogy.Read them in order it will be easy to follow. Since reading no angel i have bought all her novels read all but four the newest one I just recieved.