Happy 1 Year!

May 17, 2005  |  Blog News

It all began on:

May 17, 2004 at 12:23 AM

With the post titled: “Screwed in Wong Town”:

Hmmm The title is Screwed in Wong Town hehe basically i was screwed today :r not literally but metaphorically speaking.. kalait khara ib what i had to do :r o check it out:

Last night nemt at 4am and woke up at 8am bl ghasob :r
Had classes at 9 till 3 .. I was ok..
Had to pick up siblings at 3:30 then take ’em home.. no brobrem :r
Then had to take siblings back to school to attend a concert that my other sister was in.. that started at 7
Finished at 8:30 had to then go to my granma howse and pick up maid.. :r who didn’t come till 10 :r but what was funny on trip to granma howse it took 30 mins when it shoulda taken 5 bekause of trafic :r den.. dere was dis trip home..
i reached my room at 10:30pm :r that’s when i had a chance to relax :r

So I guess yea I wasn’t that screwed after all.. oh yea did I mention i got 2 papers that i gotta turn in on wednesday hehe that i haven’t started either and i was meaning to start one today :r

yea it was a normal day today :r

To me, this was supposed to be a temporary thing, a thing that would take up a few days of my time for now and will be cast away until I remember it again, but unfortunately or fortunately enough I did that for a month or two and then it took control of my life. I can’t remember the date quite exactly but I remember it was shortly after another anniversary which I had on that same day. You see this date is very special to me, because it marks my relationship with my loved one. My blog, my baby, is turning 1 today. And my relationship is turning 3 today. It is really an outstanding day to start blogging and all.

Anyhow, I really can’t begin to describe how blogging has become theraputic to me, how it is a way to vent out my inner frustrations, my inner most feelings, my love, my passions, and my crazy-ness. It is a place seriously where I can call home. Where I can be most at ease with myself. I know I should have planned something big today. The big thing that was supposed to be today is the move from Blogger to WordPress but I did that earlier. So it can’t be counted. But, to me I don’t need to do anything else special because seriously it already feels more than home to me.

I’d just like to take a moment here to thank everyone of you who has made my blogging experience a rather good one, who has commented, who has shared, and read every single post from Day one until today. It truly means the world to me.

I love you, you, and you. I love my Blog, I love my love, I love my rants, I love my readers most of all.

Thank you alls, I know I shouldn’t play favorites just yet but I can’t really not recognize my most faithful readers & Purgatory72 (My very first Kuwaiti Commenter I believe). He really has watched this blog grow and change and inserted his input many times.


Update: Symbols happens to be my first Egyptian Commenter :P As well as my first non-friend blogger (as in not being a friend in school or whatever) meetup party :P

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. MABROOK!!! YAY!! A year old!! WoW! Insha2alla 100 yeas old! Wow that would be a helluv an autobiography! ;)

    And dahling, i don’t see moi mentioned there ;p hehe, erm, i was probably the first Egyptian commenter, hehehe!

    Dahling, congrats again and insha2alla we’ll celebrate again 17/05/2006!! yay! Hang on, when’s my blog’s first anniversary? hmmm, o well!

    Your first entry was quite funny, u used a couple of Arabic words in there! hehehe…Your writing has grown with this blog, yay!

    WOOHOO!! 1 year!! So do we get cake? ;)


  2. And e7em, I got to comment first ;) *gloat, gloat*


    *does a little dance and sings: “Happy Butt-day to J’s Blog”*

  3. Feliz Primero Aniversario…
    Happy First Anniversary…
    Le Premier Anniversaire heurex

  4. Laish the rest of my comment ma ye6la3 :(

  5. Symbols :P Check out the updated version of the post hehe and thanks for your Butt-day wishes :P

    Goldeneyah_Q8, I don’t know I see the first three lines.. I also deleted the earlier versions of the same comment :r That were repeated but thanks alot :D

  6. Yay! I feel loved! woohoo!! I get a little “update” section!! Definatley a reason to gloat for!!

    Not ONLY am i the First Egyptian to comment, BUT i’m your “non-friend blogger” ya3ni you hadn’t known me before! woohoo! But you know me now–fortunatley for you, or else 7ayatik min3’ayri salata! LOL! ok, i just had to say that hehehe :**

  7. I had to read first quick to see if I was mentioned, which I was, then read the post again :) Symbol trying to steal some of my fame ha :P

    If you had listened to me, this would have been a better day for you to launch your new format, bes ma tesm3een elkalam shswee feech :)

    But Seriously, I am happy that you are a one of the bloggers around, you are a bright young kid with lots of potential and I hope you get as much out of your life as you can. I remember when I first found your blog, it was all in black, with the picture of that cute cartoon character and I was thinking “yum”, but then “yum” changed to “yup” [you know what I mean ;)]. You first wasa fiesty woman picking fights with PSS calling her spoiled brat or something, but later on, you two became normal. During the same time
    you also have become one of my best friends online, and through you I met other nice people.

    Now Although I was not invited with you three (shame on you), I would like to wish you a happy anniversary and many more to come, though I am not sure how long you will continue, but I will “force” you to continue until I say you can stop.

    So as your mentor, reviewer, and most importantly, your true friend, YAAAAAAAAY :P

  8. Mabroooook :)

    Happy bloggy day to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Happy bloggy day to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Happy bloggy day
    Happy bloggy day

    WOW….that made me breathless (coughs)I should
    have excercised for this hehe :D

  9. Symbols, see you are special as well.. hehe Every reader is special :P But the most special is the Penguin leader and commander :P

    Daryl, Thanks alot :D

    Purgatory72, Man you have changed alot I meant it was you the one who used to give cynical and mean comments and now you are giving this beautiful one.. I really owe it all to you for the best advice in the world :P And believe me.. All this work on this blog and me quitting? Bah BITE ME! I wouldn’t dare think about it :P

  10. I would not mind biting you :P

  11. Shosho, Wooohooo paaaaaaaaaaRTaaaaaaaaaY! :P Hehehehehe

  12. Jackie dear Happy “Bloggy Day” as shosho posted earlier. I really liked the expression ;P

  13. It is all because of your Will & Grace’s post, if it wasn’t for that particular post, I would have thought, Jakie is lame.. :p

    But that post put you on the top of my list.. LOL

    Happy Anniversary. sweetie.. you out do your self every time.. really , your blog is awesome, as well as you.. :)

    Not to forget that you were the first one that welcomed me to this comunity.. I will never forget that..

  14. Happy blog anniversary…. congrats.. be it of gadgets or ur exams enjoy reading this space :)

  15. Yeah! I remember the day you told me your blog is just a temp. and I told you… that’s what we all say! lol

    Mabrooooook sweetie! Inshalla you will be blogging until…. until u dont feel like it anymore :D

    (p.s. symbols… thanks for actually have a name we can call u with :P)

  16. Purgy, yes i was trying to steal some of your thunder, and i succeeded, MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I’m special, yay! ;)

    Rampurple, Purgy came up with the name ‘Symbol Woman’ belive it or not! hehe

  17. Shopaholic Q8eya, Thanks alot :D

    The Don, What can I say hehehe I had a welcoming streak back then now I’m more of a geek huh? I h ate you! :P No seriously hehe Thanks alot and stop making me blush :P

    Al, Hopefully there will be a range of new topics to talk about rather than complaints and gadgets ;P

    Rampurple, hehehe your comment made my day really hehe :P Although I don’t remember that blogging was for a little while but I probably said that.. I had that in me.. Now I am not going to quit for a long time :p Who knows I might even be blogging on my wedding night :P LOL Kidding :P

    Symbols, hehehehhehe you’re so naughty :P

  18. See, I have a big influence on the blog-o-sphere :p, wonder what else I can credit to myself? Anyone interested in taking a shot?

  19. I’m naughty?! OoOo!! hehehe, i like that!

  20. One full year! Congradulations! Keep it up.

  21. The Don made u blush when he said: Jackie is lame? :p

  22. Swair, yoozay.. 9eeray 3ajil

  23. lol jackie… if u would be blogging on ur wedding night then i would really be worried….
    ur husband will be trying to get close to u and stuff, and ur mind would be on blogging”i need to write a post about the wedding, and the people…oh and that lady in that crazy dress! ooohoooh this feels nice… hmmmm maybe i should post about this too…. go on dear…. mmmmm…. wait i have to post on my blog! wheres my laptop?! damn i didnt bring it to the hotel…let me call mom… mom can u send the laptop with the driver IMMEDIATELY!”

    loooooooool ok i might have gone overboard here but had mysefla laugh

  24. Purg, I dunno you should try your best though ;P

    Symbols, why do you like being naughty? :P Do you want P4 to come after you with his whip?!

    J, Thanks alot babes :D

    Swair, shattaaaaap!

    The Don, what’s wrong? :P I’m the blog host btw so you should be addressing me 872398% of the time ;p

    Rampurple, Hehehehe yea that actually made me laugh as well.. hehehe also the fact that I thought about it and I was actually going to write.. I might blog my pregnancy or giving birth but then thought against it ;P Heheheheh it would be quite a laugh ;P

  25. Woot! Yay! 1 year of looovviiin’! Lol, I really have no idea what I just typed. I should stop.



    Eugh, I’m hitting the Submit Comment button or else I’ll never st

  26. Ack! So sorry I missed it! Happy First Anniversary Sugah! I rememeber joining just
    around the same time Don and Mishu joined and I also you and I becoming fast friends :)
    So thank you for being my friend till now! You’re a good kid, with a good heart and a clean mind (well not so much, after buying that bracelet)but you know what I meant ;)
    You’re swell Jacqui and I hope you continue being friends with me even though I’m hard to put up with and I hope you contine the GREAT job you’ve done with your blog. Constantly updating and fixing every little thing till your blog is perfect unlike most of the other lazy bloggers (namely me) :P Take care of you, Laters!

  27. In my defense my spelling was retarded because of the weird comment box thingy. Fix it! :P

  28. No, i don’t want him to come after me with his noodle-like whip! hehe

  29. Congrats!
    I just always get back here :)

  30. Moe, Hehehehe I love your delirious comments ;P

    D&G, It’s okay you didn’t miss it by that much anyways.. hehehe And yea I believe that we will be best friends or blog friends or whatever friends for a long time ;P hehehe Thanks also for the compliments on the blog and all ;P heehehehe I am very lazy I just love techie stuff ;p And the Comment Box isn’t weird at all ;r

    Symbols, h ehehe good :P

    Nader, Thanks :D


  1. Going from a Size 04 to 06 at Jacqui vs. Jackie