Great Days

May 18, 2005  |  Uncategorized
What a day it was, one of the best ever this year. For once things didn’t get ruined or stained as they usually do when I have such an important date, instead it got better and better. Before posting up the post yesterday at midnight (I think you know what I mean) I get the message from my love wishing me a Happy Anniversary.. That was great.. We met yesterday even though it was for a short while but it was great as well, but enough of personal talk :P No one should be getting up in my bizbiz :P Hehehe Anyways Earlier on in the day, I woke up feeling quite refreshed and all headed out to school and reached there half an hour before class which is cool since I got a chance to hang out with friends but before entering the cafeteria I found out that there was a sign outside requesting the following students to check the counselor or whatever it’s called office since they are honor students.. I find my name there and am happy.. Head there after class and find out that I have to pick up a gown tomorrow since they weren’t there. It was amazing really, and it comes at a time that both of my parents are in Kuwait for once! Mother is coming back tomorrow of course. So anyways, I call Daddy up and tell him, he’s happy and then I call grandma and she’s happy of course our talk was hilarious the whole time, and then I SMS mother since she is abroad and not in Kuwait, she becomes happy as well. Anyhow the day proceeds, I have done quite well in one of my classes hopefully the grade won’t drop, I just have to write an essay that’s due next week though. The other class I did quite well on the midterm as well I couldn’t have asked for much more. And well, I guess that’s it. I enjoyed a great day.

Now onto today, hehehe exactly a week ago I came home with 3 Julie Garwood novels… the same day I purchased them I started to read one and finished it before I went to sleep it was amazing. Saturday I went and got the 2nd book of a series that I had previously also by Julie Garwood… I am happy to report that today exactly a week later I have finished all 4 novels. It has been a joyous ride really.. I still wish to be sucked into the book in order to actually see the events happening. I truly recommend the following books to be read in this order however: The Lion’s Lady, Guardian Angel, The Gift, and Castles. They are my favorite series so far in all of Garwood’s books :D

I picked up today from my Uncle who has come back from the South Americas and Washington DC a few t-shirts that he picked up for me and a brand new jeans from Diesel! I love him and love his gifts :P Hehehehehe it really is cool, the jeans fit me perfectly for once and I find that its so hot and comfortable! Hot as in looking so great. Today I am bookless although I have plenty of books in my library that I haven’t read as well as my sisters, but I believe I need a good night’s sleep.. I lose too much sleep when I read really hehehe.. But I am wishing I would dream up the stories I have read. Life is good for once, and I love it! I also want to congratulate women on the rights thing, I should’ve mentioned it early on in my last post but I was so concentrated on my Blog "Butt-day".. One other thing, before this weekend is over there will be a nice new change to this blog just my way of welcoming the new year.

May my posts bring joy and happiness for once and change to the better. Ooooooooooh Yeah I forgot, remember the article I posted up a while back, well because of it, the class needed to be taken in the summer in order to allow me to graduate first semester will be offered :D That brightened up my day as well :P Woooohooooo!

I love all, and all love me! :P

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  1. donno where to start :) but nice post, felt like i was with ya.
    congrat’s on the honorary thing in uni.. el fal li ;)

  2. You forgot to mention seeing me around, now how can it be a good day without that! :P

  3. Jakies
    Congrats are due to all your accomplishments dear, including women?€™s political rights. I?€™m proud of you.
    But what is this thing about constantly changing girl, settle for one, I hardly know where am I when I visit, have an identity kiddo. I hope you do not change lovers as quick as you change your designs. LOL
    Nah; I?€™m just teasing you; you are after all the ever changing Jakos.

  4. That’s amazing that something actually got done about the class you needed to
    graduate early! G’luck babe! Also thanks for the book recommendations. I’m glad you
    had a good day :) Finally, check out your previous post ;) Take care, laters!

  5. YAY!!!

    I’m glad you had a superb day!! You really needed it! :D

    I’m reading ‘Rose Madder’ by Stephen King at the moment, and i know what you mean by ” I lose too much sleep when I read”

    And i’m glad you mentioned the “butt-day” in there, hehehe! Hang on, now that you get that class in the summer, when do you graduate?

  6. I am glad you had a great day ;P Don’t you luv American Jeans? for some reason they fit rite! I hate buying jeans somewhere else ;P

  7. F, Hehehe thanks alot and yes El Fal Lech! :D

    Purgatory72, yes I dreamt of you is that good? :P

    Ayya, Hehehehe I am not doing a major change really just something minor.. and It’s not going to be for me btw hehe it’ll be for all of you ;P I will explain later.

    D&G, Hehehe no problemo :P I am so in love with those four books but it’s a bad thing to read alot of Garwood after each other hehehe because seriously hehe after a while you believe that your head will burst or emotions :P And I did.. hehehe I love your comment there as well ;p

    Symbols, hehhehe I graduate January 2006 :D

    Shopaholic Q8eya, Hehehe yea they are the best really, I wish that we lived there! :/