Something’s Wrong??

May 21, 2005  |  Why?
I believe there is something wrong with me, not really me but more like I dunno maybe it is me. I am very very sick. Not as in physically or something like that but more like mentally. I believe that I bore and tire easily. Why does that happen to me? Why? I don’t know. I can’t help it.I can’t seem to help it really. I just get bored or I sometimes just focus on one thing and never let go of it. Why this happens is beyond me however.

Let’s move onto a different subject however since that will bum me out eventually. Today was quite a full day in my agenda. I had plenty of stuff to do but I didn’t accomplish them all. I was supposed to do a few things. One was format my younger sister’s PC since she has a virus in it and it’s not willing to leave no matter what. Two was to clean up daddy’s tablet PC so that he can lend it to his brother a.k.a my uncle :D Three was going to a hair dresser to get a haircut since I haven’t had one since last December. Four was to work on my report which is due tomorrow. Five was to work on a take-home quiz which I completely forgot about until now. Six was supposed to be ummm start the essay that is due this Tuesday. Out of all those tasks I have completed only One LOL! Hehehehe I misplaced the Windows XP CD hence I couldn’t do anything for my sister. I haven’t had time since I went out shopping in Sharg earlier this morning or afternoon until 6PM then I showered and watched some TV. And thus the only thing done was the report.. The quiz will be filled out I believe next when I go upstairs or at school tomorrow in order to make sure we have the right answers (my friends and I!).

So yeah.. The shopping trip was beyond amazing.. I bought alot of cute things of which are some nice new heels from Faith in Debenhams. I bought a lot of new T-shirts from Zara (which is by the way my favorite t-shirt store) I also bought a nice skirt suit for Wednesdays ceremony from Zara as well which really looks sexy on me. I love how I have gained some weight to actually have meat on me, but I would like to return my flat stomache again :/ Because those were the days really! I want to gain weight everywhere to at least have a fuller body but not my tummy it’s my favorite part that I don’t want to have any weight on. So stuff have been shifted and postponed and I believe that Sunday is when I will get my haircut not really short but at least have a trim for now.

So, now I head on to my room and play a little PSP or read or just listen to music while I drift off to sleep.. That is if I go now! Other than that toodles!

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  1. toodles is the new ta ta :p

  2. No it’s not.. hehehhe toodles is the new noodles :r

  3. Thank you JaCkie, “toodles” is definatley not the new “ta ta” they’re completely different!! hehehe

    You went shopping at the “little people store” aka Zara’re petite, and even if it took you 100 years to convince me that you gained somed weight, i wouldn’t believe you! ;p hehehe

  4. Hmmmmm, Haircut… As I recall from your previous posts, when I was a silent reader,
    you once mentioned a hair dresser, probably or through my assumptions you wanted
    “Suzan” from Crystal Saloon, ‘Cause I know her in person, she is my hair dresser till
    now, Oo etha bo’3aitay her number, Or you wanted me athabe6 lech appointment m3aha
    tell me/ e-mail me dear :D, mo qa3dah asawee laha da3ayah hehehehe bas really
    I can not live without her, so just in case tell me dear etha you wanted…:>

    stay safe


  5. Symbols, hehehe I told her that but she wouldn’t believe me.. Toodles is the new noodles :r hehehe Anyways I did gain weight ;p What more proof do you need.. my flashing you my belly? :/

    Goldeneyah, hehehe yea that was when I was asking for good hair cut recommendations.. I found a different place and well I believe I will stick for it for now.. until then thanks alot alot alot alot :D I really appreciate the gesture :D

  6. Yeah you do get bored easily, have to keep your hands away from this blog when you do :P

  7. I have gained some weight as well, and like you; I don?€™t mind it all over my body, actually it looks sexy, but the tummy eeekh I hate that and I want my flat tummy back :(

  8. Hold on guurl ,, U play PSP !??!


    No seriously !! u made me feel a lil normal ,, couz im a games freak ..

    Psp, ps2, Xbox, Game Cube (MY FAV) all of nintendo’s stuff couz Mario is there ;P

    Love princess peach though ;P

    P.S: its great that you know that there is something wrong with you ,, this makes you kinda NORMAL if you know what i mean ;P

  9. You’re most welcome dear, ma sawait shay :>


  10. Purgatory, Hehehehe yea I believe I should :P

    Ayya, see you can feel what I feel now hehehe :P

    3baiiid, Hehehe yea I like playing my PSP :P bs I am not a heavy gamer addict :P I tend to limit myself when I have work to do ;P Bs its a form of entertainment :P

    Goldeneyah :D Ba3ad Shabzy :D

  11. That wouldn’t be a bad idea :p LOL!

  12. The thought of my old flat tummy
    brings tears to my eyes (looks
    for tissue and sobs)

    I don’t know, something wrong happened
    when I turned 25. I bet my metabolism
    rate shifted.

  13. Symbols, LOL naughty naughty girl :P

    Shosho, hehehehe I know I had that same experience today when I went to my sister’s spring concert and saw all the anorexic chicks with flat stomaches I was like damn that was me back then! :/