May 24, 2005  |  Procrastination
I am so cool, when I choose my categories before actually writing a post hehehe usually I leave it till I am done with the thought process and writing so that I see what has been applied here and there but now I don’t think I need to do that since I know what my writing will be about.. Yes, yesterday was hectic, even more than today but what can I say.. hehehe..

What happened? well everything mentioned previously except me working on father’s laptop and actually writing my essay.. I chose to write the essay early this morning.. I was woken up by my sister at 6AM but I had set the alarm on my phone for 6:30AM so I decided to sleep it out until then and then got out of bed, washed up, and came downstairs to my desktop since I believe writing near a bed is suicide hehe since the bed will speak to me every single minute telling me forget it and come back to me baby :P But coming downstairs didn’t help that much, I got online and was checking emails, and checking on my downloads.. I saw my classmate and close friend Nuttimilius online and I was like did you start your essay? She’s like nah hehehe I’m working on my website.. I was like girl! Get your priorities straight hehehe so I ended up procrastinating more while thinking about what topic to write about.. I found out a few minutes later that the season finale of "Charmed" has completed downloading and so I decided why not watch the episode while thinking (not much thinking was done by the way :P) and Nuttie was busy chatting up with friends hehehe it was quite interesting.. The season finale was really nice, exciting yet there were disturbing thoughts here and there, since well it ended on a point of closure, so it’s like what will happen next season when it’s their final season…

After watching the episode it was around 7:30AM when I finished hehehe and I was like okay lemme behave myself and start writing, I actually had my Write Post page on hehehe and was about to ditch writing the essay to writing a post but I decided against it :P The topic I was supposed to write about is analyzing Una Marson’s poems "Kinky Hair Blues" and "Cinema Eyes" in relation to the racial and gender ideologies that were presented and how Marson herself resisted those ideologies.. It was quite an interesting essay, and if anyone wants to check it out.. I’ll be glad to upload it here sometime.. hehehe Anyhow, what ended up happening, I wrote an introduction and part of the first body paragraph and then decided I need a nice break.. I asked for some breakfast and saw that "Will & Grace"’s season finale has finished downloading as well so I was like oh well let’s watch something while I’m eating since I wouldn’t be able to actually write anything :P And so I watched the first part while eating.. I finished the episode and the eating and then head back to writing, I actually finished the second paragraph and decided another episode was in need, and so I end up watching the last part of this two episode finale hehehe which by the way is the last season finale we will see from "Will & Grace" since season 8 will be the last season which is next year.. Anyhow, I go back to writing hehehe my third paragraph and conclusion hehe and end the essay writing assignment at around 9:40ish.. Hehehe so that’s a total of 2 hours with a 40 minute break in between hehehe :P Had I not lost concentration or got bored hehehe then I would’ve continued longer than that and finished earlier, but I couldn’t do it, I just can’t sit through one thing..

With that done, I head upstairs to dress, and leave the house to college, meet up with friends, attend last two lectures, have a party with friends with home-made pasta and cupcakes (Yummm) and go back home :D And hence my day ends.. I took a nap earlier in order to help me with when I have to start studying for tomorrow’s final..

Tomorrow Finals begin, and I don’t really feel like them.. My first is at 8AM to 10AM.. and I believe I will be done quite early.. I guess a visit to Q8Books is in need by then hehehe and what better way to spend some time.. That will be the first time in a long time that I finish classes that early hehehe well not really since yesterday I only had one class but then I had a date or more like a meeting with a friend (ehem ehem) :P But yeah, so I start exams tomorrow and will finish them next Thursday.. I’m brewing up a nice story up in my head but I need actual secluded time to write it down.. It’s going to be cool and nice hopefully.. It’s really really ironic how I thought that when I graduated 3 years ago from High School that it would be the last time I took an English class.. hehehe Now all I take are english classes.. and how I enjoy writing and find it very theraputic to me..

It’s gotten quite long right now :P I believe I should work more on some stuff then actually spend an hour or two studying or reviewing over the lame points.. Hopefully I will do well in the final tomorrow, I really need to get out of that class with a decent grade :/ Don’t want to bruise my GPA anymore :/

But for now, Arreverderci :D

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  1. ana mo gaylech stop writing such posts :P

  2. POST IT! I’m really interested! I’d simply love to read it.